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Nick Burka

E-Mail: nmburka [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: NickBurkaSays
Favorite Books: all kurt vonnegut novels especially Mother Night, Cat's Cradle, and Breakfast of Champions,
Favorite Bands: Bob Dylan, Third Eye Blind, Beastie Boys, Mike Doughty, Colin Hay, Nick Drake
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Identity Crisis
Other Info:
msn messenger: skype: nmburka

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
02/23/06The Wanton Machine02/23/06 15:57:12
03/13/06Late-Nite Lava!03/13/06 01:55:55
03/16/06PhD Procrastination03/16/06 14:09:01
03/17/06The Two-Headed Monster03/17/06 11:58:14
03/23/06PhD Procrastination03/23/06 14:56:20
04/07/06Roots & Wings04/07/06 09:57:58
05/19/06Innovation In Instrumentation05/19/06 17:21:07
12/28/06Common Ground for Common People12/28/06 16:05:20
01/04/07Common Ground for Common People01/04/07 16:21:53
01/11/07Common Ground for Common People01/11/07 16:02:51
01/18/07Common Ground for Common People01/18/07 16:50:37
01/26/07Common Ground for Common People01/26/07 12:02:50
02/02/07Common Ground for Common People02/02/07 11:58:57
02/09/07Common Ground for Common People02/09/07 11:59:13
02/16/07Common Ground for Common People02/16/07 12:01:16
02/23/07Common Ground for Common People02/23/07 12:00:30
03/02/07Common Ground for Common People03/02/07 12:01:22
03/09/07Common Ground for Common People03/09/07 11:56:02
03/30/07Common Ground for Common People03/30/07 12:00:09
04/06/07Common Ground for Common People04/06/07 12:01:17
04/13/07Common Ground for Common People04/13/07 12:02:45
04/20/07Common Ground for Common People04/20/07 11:58:49
04/27/07Common Ground for Common People04/27/07 12:02:09
05/04/07Common Ground for Common People05/04/07 12:00:47
05/11/07Common Ground for Common People05/11/07 12:01:14