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Kenneth Hall

E-Mail: kenhall [at] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Books: Philosophy stuff. Also things written by Hemingway, Hunter S. Thompson and Greil Marcus.
Favorite Bands: [Your band], Pixies, Leonard Cohen, Talking Heads, ATCQ, Velvet Underground, etc.
Favorite Quotes: "Listen to BEAVER HOUR Wednesdays at 10 a.m. on WMUC 88.1 FM!"
Favorite Other WMUC Show: The Peach Emoji
Other Info:
Real name: DJ Fleshwad. I\'m a Canadian in Trumpland, following Canadian Content regulations set forth by the almighty Canadian Radio and Telecommunication Commission. That means at least 35% Canadian music and about 65% of whatever else (see my playlists).

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
10/21/15BEAVER HOUR10/21/15 10:45:27
10/28/15BEAVER HOUR10/28/15 10:50:40
11/04/15BEAVER HOUR11/04/15 10:51:03
11/04/15Manic Pixie Mixtape11/04/15 11:53:51
11/11/15BEAVER HOUR11/11/15 10:50:43
11/18/15BEAVER HOUR11/18/15 11:01:23
11/18/15Manic Pixie Mixtape11/18/15 11:56:00
11/25/15BEAVER HOUR11/25/15 10:54:09
12/02/15BEAVER HOUR12/02/15 10:58:10
12/16/15BEAVER HOUR12/16/15 10:53:43
01/26/16BEAVER HOUR01/26/16 10:51:59
02/02/16BEAVER HOUR02/02/16 10:48:32
02/09/16BEAVER HOUR02/09/16 10:58:03
02/23/16BEAVER HOUR02/23/16 10:52:19
03/01/16BEAVER HOUR03/01/16 15:12:46
03/08/16BEAVER HOUR03/08/16 10:56:41
03/08/16Songs of the Silent Age03/08/16 15:37:19
03/22/16BEAVER HOUR03/22/16 10:40:42
03/29/16BEAVER HOUR03/29/16 10:49:51
04/05/16BEAVER HOUR04/05/16 11:01:49
04/12/16BEAVER HOUR04/12/16 10:47:18
04/19/16BEAVER HOUR04/19/16 10:50:47
04/26/16BEAVER HOUR04/26/16 10:52:40
05/03/16BEAVER HOUR05/03/16 10:58:23
05/10/16BEAVER HOUR05/10/16 10:45:36
05/24/16Unscheduled Show05/24/16 11:00:02
05/31/16Unscheduled Show05/31/16 11:01:51
01/25/17BEAVER HOUR01/25/17 11:51:43
02/01/17BEAVER HOUR02/01/17 11:49:49
02/08/17BEAVER HOUR02/08/17 10:44:16
02/15/17BEAVER HOUR02/15/17 10:51:57
02/22/17BEAVER HOUR02/22/17 10:45:37
03/01/17BEAVER HOUR03/01/17 11:00:31
03/15/17BEAVER HOUR03/15/17 10:49:54
03/29/17BEAVER HOUR03/29/17 11:02:10
04/05/17BEAVER HOUR04/05/17 10:51:25
04/12/17BEAVER HOUR04/12/17 10:51:28
04/19/17BEAVER HOUR04/25/17 15:12:40
04/26/17BEAVER HOUR04/26/17 09:50:53
05/03/17BEAVER HOUR05/03/17 10:49:50
05/10/17BEAVER HOUR05/10/17 10:53:09
05/17/17BEAVER HOUR05/17/17 10:55:23