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Jordan Stovka

E-Mail: jstovka [at] icloud [dot] com
Favorite Books: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, East of Eden, To Kill A Mockingbird
Favorite Bands: Modern Baseball, Joyce Manor, Marietta, Hop Along, Tigers Jaw
Favorite Quotes: "You are what you love, not who loves you"
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Killer Whales and Boomboxes
Other Info:
Music is best when shared. This in and of itself is what makes radio beautiful.

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02/02/17Toronto Mug02/02/17 23:09:26
02/09/17Toronto Mug02/09/17 22:26:04
02/16/17Toronto Mug02/16/17 22:51:23
02/23/17Toronto Mug02/23/17 22:24:58
03/02/17Toronto Mug03/02/17 22:10:30
03/09/17Toronto Mug03/09/17 22:23:34
03/16/17Toronto Mug03/16/17 22:43:49
03/30/17Toronto Mug03/30/17 22:21:57

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09/30/16Vicarious Angst09/30/16 01:54:15
10/07/16Vicarious Angst10/07/16 01:07:54
10/14/16Vicarious Angst10/14/16 01:25:54
10/21/16Vicarious Angst10/21/16 01:20:20
10/28/16Vicarious Angst10/28/16 01:21:52
11/04/16Vicarious Angst11/04/16 01:08:17
11/18/16Vicarious Angst11/18/16 01:18:28
12/02/16Vicarious Angst12/02/16 01:15:50
12/09/16Vicarious Angst12/09/16 01:17:46