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James Briscoe

E-Mail: jsbrisk [at] umd [dot] edu
AIM: i3i2isk0h
Favorite Books: Animal Farm, 1984, Lord of the Rings, Brave New World
Favorite Bands: Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Bela Fleck, Bob Marley, Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Modest Mouse, Nas, Chili Peppers, Sublime, Bobby McFerrin
Favorite Quotes: Your reason and your passion are the rudder and the sails of your seafaring soul. If either your sails or your rudder be broken, you can but toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill in mid-seas. For reason, ruling alone,is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction. Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion, that it may sing
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)
Other Info:
Check out That Fresh Radio Piece, bringing grassroots media to College Park. This show is for you though, anyone interested in helping bring progressive media designed to educate, let us know.

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03/05/06That Fresh Radio Piece03/05/06 09:15:39
03/12/06That Fresh Radio Piece03/12/06 07:24:38
07/04/06That Fresh Radio Piece07/04/06 08:51:53
07/11/06That Fresh Radio Piece07/11/06 08:59:09
07/18/06That Fresh Radio Piece07/18/06 09:03:23
08/22/06That Fresh Radio Piece08/22/06 09:00:17
08/29/06That Fresh Radio Piece08/29/06 09:01:22
09/05/06That Fresh Radio Piece09/05/06 20:02:31
09/12/06That Fresh Radio Piece09/12/06 20:00:54
09/19/06That Fresh Radio Piece09/19/06 19:50:13
09/26/06That Fresh Radio Piece09/26/06 20:00:00
10/03/06That Fresh Radio Piece10/03/06 19:58:23
10/10/06That Fresh Radio Piece10/10/06 20:02:39
10/17/06That Fresh Radio Piece10/17/06 20:07:33
10/24/06That Fresh Radio Piece10/24/06 19:55:54
10/31/06That Fresh Radio Piece10/31/06 19:47:04
11/07/06That Fresh Radio Piece11/07/06 19:45:33
11/14/06That Fresh Radio Piece11/14/06 19:59:57
11/21/06That Fresh Radio Piece11/21/06 20:02:28
11/28/06That Fresh Radio Piece11/28/06 20:00:55
12/05/06That Fresh Radio Piece12/05/06 20:00:47
12/12/06That Fresh Radio Piece12/12/06 19:57:40
12/19/06That Fresh Radio Piece12/19/06 20:15:24
01/30/07That Fresh Radio Piece01/30/07 17:59:24
02/06/07That Fresh Radio Piece02/06/07 18:02:25
02/13/07That Fresh Radio Piece02/13/07 17:57:10
02/20/07That Fresh Radio Piece02/20/07 18:01:56
03/13/07That Fresh Radio Piece03/13/07 18:02:27
03/27/07That Fresh Radio Piece03/27/07 17:58:40
04/03/07That Fresh Radio Piece04/03/07 17:59:54
04/10/07That Fresh Radio Piece04/10/07 17:58:43
04/17/07That Fresh Radio Piece04/17/07 18:01:04
04/24/07That Fresh Radio Piece04/24/07 17:55:08
05/01/07That Fresh Radio Piece05/01/07 17:58:30
05/08/07That Fresh Radio Piece05/10/07 17:58:36
05/15/07That Fresh Radio Piece05/15/07 17:33:21
08/10/07That Fresh Radio Piece08/10/07 21:58:18
08/31/07That Fresh Radio Piece08/29/07 19:34:18
09/26/07That Fresh Radio Piece09/26/07 20:01:55
10/03/07That Fresh Radio Piece10/03/07 19:25:24
10/10/07That Fresh Radio Piece10/10/07 19:51:26
10/24/07That Fresh Radio Piece10/24/07 19:51:45
10/31/07That Fresh Radio Piece10/31/07 18:18:33
10/31/07That Fresh Radio Piece10/31/07 18:18:41
10/31/07That Fresh Radio Piece10/31/07 18:22:49
01/30/08That Fresh Radio Piece01/28/08 19:57:35
02/04/08That Fresh Radio Piece02/04/08 19:45:00
02/11/08That Fresh Radio Piece02/11/08 19:16:36
02/18/08That Fresh Radio Piece02/19/08 17:46:46
02/25/08That Fresh Radio Piece02/25/08 19:35:17
03/03/08That Fresh Radio Piece03/03/08 19:57:24
03/24/08That Fresh Radio Piece03/24/08 19:51:45
04/07/08That Fresh Radio Piece04/07/08 19:59:38
04/28/08That Fresh Radio Piece04/28/08 19:59:16
05/05/08That Fresh Radio Piece05/05/08 19:22:56
05/19/08That Fresh Radio Piece05/19/08 19:32:59
06/26/08Unscheduled Show06/26/08 20:09:51
07/03/08Unscheduled Show07/03/08 20:01:22
07/10/08That Fresh Radio Piece07/10/08 20:07:09
07/17/08That Fresh Radio Piece07/17/08 20:05:20
07/24/08That Fresh Radio Piece07/24/08 19:55:20
08/21/08That Fresh Radio Piece08/21/08 20:05:40
09/09/08That Fresh Radio Piece09/09/08 19:51:06
09/16/08That Fresh Radio Piece09/16/08 20:05:15
09/23/08That Fresh Radio Piece09/23/08 21:22:14
09/30/08That Fresh Radio Piece09/30/08 20:09:25
10/07/08That Fresh Radio Piece10/07/08 18:47:19
10/14/08That Fresh Radio Piece10/14/08 20:00:50
10/21/08That Fresh Radio Piece10/22/08 09:35:48
10/28/08That Fresh Radio Piece10/28/08 19:43:26
12/09/08That Fresh Radio Piece12/09/08 19:16:25
02/09/09That Fresh Radio Piece02/09/09 19:57:34
02/23/09That Fresh Radio Piece02/23/09 20:02:33
03/02/09That Fresh Radio Piece03/02/09 19:59:44
03/09/09That Fresh Radio Piece03/09/09 19:53:50
03/23/09That Fresh Radio Piece03/23/09 19:57:41
03/30/09That Fresh Radio Piece03/30/09 19:38:18
04/13/09That Fresh Radio Piece04/20/09 20:00:45
04/27/09That Fresh Radio Piece04/27/09 20:02:26
05/04/09That Fresh Radio Piece05/04/09 20:01:59
05/11/09That Fresh Radio Piece05/11/09 19:43:37