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Angeline King

E-Mail: dontemailme [at] gmail [dot] net
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Favorite Quotes: ""A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds." -Someone" -Peter King
Favorite Other WMUC Show: synesthesia
Other Info:
Hey I\\\'m Angeline tune in to digital 2-3pm on tuesdays for some dope music! its gonna be lit every week you don\\\'t want to miss out!

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01/30/17AK4701/30/17 16:06:13
02/06/17AK4702/06/17 15:02:54
02/13/17AK4702/13/17 15:05:03
02/20/17AK4702/20/17 15:07:11
02/27/17AK4702/27/17 15:05:46
03/06/17AK4703/06/17 15:08:51
03/13/17AK4703/13/17 15:04:40
03/27/17AK4703/27/17 15:05:07
04/03/17AK4704/03/17 15:06:53
04/10/17AK4704/10/17 22:44:42
04/17/17AK4704/17/17 15:32:04

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10/04/16AK4710/04/16 15:20:16
10/11/16AK4710/11/16 17:46:36
10/18/16AK4710/19/16 13:35:40
10/25/16AK4710/25/16 15:06:32
11/01/16AK4711/01/16 21:10:29
11/08/16AK4711/08/16 15:06:16
11/15/16AK4711/15/16 15:09:43
11/22/16AK4711/22/16 15:06:30
11/29/16AK4711/29/16 15:06:51
12/06/16AK4712/06/16 15:06:13
12/13/16AK4712/13/16 15:15:54