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Ed Borders

E-Mail: fholewmuc [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: Huck Finn, Kite Runner, Crime and Punishment, The Great Gatsby, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Favorite Bands: Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Yoshimatsu, Sibelius, Bernstein
Favorite Quotes: "The best way to hold onto something is to pay no attention to it. The things you love too much perish. You have to treat everything with irony, especially the things you hold dear. There's more of a chance then that they'll survive." -Dmitri Shostakovich
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Shoebox Office
Other Info:
I like classical music and sometimes I say things that make people laugh

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10/06/17The ƒ-hole10/06/17 11:18:42
10/13/17The ƒ-hole10/13/17 10:40:44
10/20/17The ƒ-hole10/20/17 10:37:40
10/27/17The ƒ-hole10/27/17 10:56:34
11/03/17The ƒ-hole11/03/17 10:56:10
11/10/17The ƒ-hole11/10/17 10:54:30
11/17/17The ƒ-hole11/17/17 10:44:18
12/01/17The ƒ-hole12/01/17 10:45:48
12/08/17The ƒ-hole12/08/17 10:30:31
12/15/17The ƒ-hole12/15/17 11:31:32
01/26/18The ƒ-hole01/25/18 22:30:13
02/02/18The ƒ-hole02/01/18 22:43:00
02/09/18The ƒ-hole02/08/18 14:28:42
02/16/18The ƒ-hole02/16/18 11:23:20
02/23/18The ƒ-hole02/23/18 18:33:27
03/02/18The ƒ-hole03/02/18 11:54:44
03/09/18The ƒ-hole03/15/18 23:58:06
03/16/18The ƒ-hole03/19/18 16:02:27
03/30/18The ƒ-hole03/30/18 13:53:37
04/06/18The ƒ-hole04/06/18 10:18:59
04/13/18The ƒ-hole04/13/18 11:26:18
04/20/18The ƒ-hole04/19/18 23:53:16
05/04/18The ƒ-hole05/04/18 10:46:58
05/11/18The ƒ-hole05/11/18 10:44:21