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Sugar and Kneib

AIM: TheRapVideoHoes
Favorite Books: Ishmael, HP, Hairstyles of the Damned, I've Got a Wocket in My Pocket
Favorite Bands: MF Doom, Matt and Kim, Dan Deacon, Deathcab for Cutie, Radiohead, Squarepusher, Bjork, Death Set
Favorite Quotes: "The parts of my body that was run over by the car was my whole body." -Tiwan
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Don't Be a Menace (while sippin' on crunk juice in college park)
Other Info:
You will like what we play or you will get the hell out.

Recent Playlists

No playlists by Sugar and Kneib found in the current semester.

Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
07/08/06The Rap Video Hoes07/08/06 08:33:50
07/22/06The Rap Video Hoes07/22/06 08:20:49
08/05/06The Rap Video Hoes08/05/06 08:34:06
08/19/06The Rap Video Hoes08/19/06 08:53:00
08/26/06The Rap Video Hoes08/26/06 10:00:52
09/04/06The Rap Video Hoes09/04/06 22:00:52
09/11/06The Rap Video Hoes09/11/06 20:09:22
09/11/06The Rap Video Hoes09/11/06 22:08:18
09/15/06Pizza Party!09/15/06 20:03:01
09/18/06The Rap Video Hoes09/18/06 22:00:33
09/25/06The Rap Video Hoes09/25/06 22:01:19
10/02/06The Rap Video Hoes10/02/06 22:01:22
10/09/06The Rap Video Hoes10/09/06 21:58:52
10/09/06The Rap Video Hoes10/09/06 20:12:08
10/16/06The Rap Video Hoes10/16/06 21:35:19
10/23/06The Rap Video Hoes10/23/06 21:59:26
10/30/06The Rap Video Hoes10/30/06 22:04:49
11/06/06The Rap Video Hoes11/06/06 22:03:07
11/20/06The Rap Video Hoes11/20/06 21:51:41
11/27/06The Rap Video Hoes11/27/06 21:49:04
12/04/06The Rap Video Hoes12/04/06 21:59:08
12/11/06The Rap Video Hoes12/11/06 21:59:41
12/18/06The Rap Video Hoes12/18/06 20:12:19
01/08/07The Rap Video Hoes01/08/07 22:05:34
01/15/07The Rap Video Hoes01/15/07 22:04:21
01/22/07The Rap Video Hoes01/22/07 22:08:55
01/29/07The Rap Video Hoes01/29/07 22:04:08
02/05/07The Rap Video Hoes02/05/07 20:17:17
02/12/07The Rap Video Hoes02/12/07 20:22:40
02/19/07The Rap Video Hoes02/19/07 22:07:20
03/05/07The Rap Video Hoes03/05/07 21:46:12
03/12/07The Rap Video Hoes03/12/07 20:45:19
03/26/07The Rap Video Hoes03/26/07 20:14:25
04/09/07The Rap Video Hoes04/09/07 21:47:49
04/16/07The Rap Video Hoes04/16/07 20:20:22
04/30/07The Rap Video Hoes04/30/07 21:40:17