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Ethan Welsh

E-Mail: ethanwelsh22 [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: The Book Thief, There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce, The Inheritance "Trilogy"
Favorite Bands: ODESZA, GRiZ, Anderson .Paak, Halsey, Lorde, Stars, Gramatik, Lana Del Rey, Glades, Flint Eastwood
Favorite Quotes: "Blueprints for the future are the fool's errand" -Ron Swanson "but it warms me up // like mama's kisses // and daddy's belt, // like the tears streaming down my face // whenever i am caught being my age, // too naive to understand that innocence // annoys adults" -Katelyn Turner
Favorite Other WMUC Show: synesthesia
Other Info:
\"Being normal is for, like, normal people. And you don\'t want to be normal, right? Like that\'s just so boring. Honestly, the thought of being normal kinda nauseates me, u know.\"\r\n\r\n\"same\"

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