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Craig Thorburn

E-Mail: radio [at] craigthorburn [dot] com
Favorite Bands: Tide Lines, Skippinish, Red Hot Chilli Pipers
Favorite Other WMUC Show: The Reverb Chamber
Other Info:
After being a part of a show on his local community radio station in East Lothian, Scotland Craig knew that he wanted to get involved in radio. Transitioning to his own show on 107.6 East Coast FM he held down Saturday mid-mornings. Coming to the US Craig continued in radio hosting Rocks, Pops, Kilts, and Alternatives on 88.1FM WMBR, Cambridge MA, while involved in the stations creative radio endeavors through the \'Live On The Air\' project and Voice Box show. Changing up the format of his show to all Scottish artists he came to 88.1 WMUC-FM, College Park in October 2018 and has hosted Full Scottish Breakfast on Saturday mornings since.

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
11/17/18Full Scottish Breakfast11/17/18 09:54:55
11/24/18Full Scottish Breakfast11/24/18 09:51:40
12/01/18Full Scottish Breakfast12/01/18 09:43:25
12/08/18Full Scottish Breakfast12/08/18 09:54:12
12/15/18Full Scottish Breakfast12/15/18 09:56:18
01/05/19Full Scottish Breakfast01/05/19 12:58:05
01/12/19Full Scottish Breakfast01/12/19 12:57:30
01/19/19Full Scottish Breakfast01/19/19 12:44:29
01/26/19Full Scottish Breakfast01/26/19 12:52:53
02/02/19Full Scottish Breakfast02/02/19 11:55:56
02/09/19Full Scottish Breakfast02/09/19 11:38:07
02/16/19Full Scottish Breakfast02/16/19 11:55:01
02/23/19Full Scottish Breakfast02/23/19 11:53:54
03/02/19Full Scottish Breakfast03/02/19 11:48:26
03/09/19Full Scottish Breakfast03/09/19 11:54:32
03/30/19Full Scottish Breakfast04/06/19 10:56:05
04/06/19Full Scottish Breakfast04/06/19 11:46:44
04/13/19Full Scottish Breakfast04/13/19 11:55:16
04/20/19Full Scottish Breakfast04/20/19 11:49:10
04/27/19Full Scottish Breakfast04/27/19 11:54:59
05/04/19Full Scottish Breakfast05/04/19 11:54:14
05/18/19Full Scottish Breakfast05/18/19 11:49:13
05/25/19Full Scottish Breakfast05/25/19 11:56:44
06/14/19Full Scottish Breakfast06/14/19 17:52:11
06/28/19Full Scottish Breakfast06/28/19 17:51:24
07/05/19Full Scottish Breakfast07/05/19 17:50:18
07/12/19Full Scottish Breakfast07/12/19 17:58:40
09/06/19Full Scottish Breakfast09/06/19 18:46:48
09/20/19Full Scottish Breakfast09/20/19 18:52:16
10/04/19Full Scottish Breakfast10/04/19 18:57:02
10/11/19Full Scottish Breakfast10/11/19 18:44:17
10/18/19Full Scottish Breakfast10/18/19 18:56:11
10/25/19Full Scottish Breakfast10/25/19 18:55:00
11/01/19Full Scottish Breakfast11/01/19 18:59:56
11/08/19Full Scottish Breakfast11/08/19 18:55:22
11/15/19Full Scottish Breakfast11/15/19 18:57:26