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Sarah Stonesifer

Favorite Books: white teeth, on beauty, gatsby
Favorite Bands: al green, isley brothers, aretha franklin, the temptations, dion, buddy holly, chuck berry, the beach boys, the beatles, ella fitzgerald, billie holiday, the supremes
Favorite Other WMUC Show: RETURN 2 DA PIT

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
09/12/06Va Va Va Voom09/12/06 09:17:06
09/26/06Va Va Va Voom09/26/06 10:23:30
12/13/06Unscheduled Show12/13/06 11:45:24
12/18/06Delroy's Disco Classics12/18/06 12:58:49
12/19/06Va Va Va Voom12/19/06 10:16:02
12/20/06Colonial Vigor12/20/06 14:09:04
12/25/06Broken Elevator12/25/06 13:51:23
12/27/06Va Va Va Voom12/27/06 16:06:40
01/01/07Va Va Va Voom01/01/07 16:02:34
01/03/07Va Va Va Voom01/03/07 16:03:43
01/08/07Va Va Va Voom01/08/07 16:00:02
01/10/07Va Va Va Voom01/10/07 16:04:52
01/15/07Va Va Va Voom01/15/07 16:02:30
01/17/07Transience01/17/07 14:08:42
01/17/07Va Va Va Voom01/17/07 15:59:02
01/22/07Va Va Va Voom01/22/07 15:55:58
01/24/07Man of the House01/24/07 23:58:37
01/26/07Va Va (Va) Voom01/26/07 15:58:27
02/02/07Va Va (Va) Voom02/02/07 16:08:32
02/09/07Va Va (Va) Voom02/09/07 16:04:14
02/27/07The Interdimensional Brainblast02/27/07 22:03:02
03/16/07Va Va (Va) Voom03/16/07 15:54:40
03/23/07Va Va (Va) Voom03/23/07 16:05:03
03/23/07Hot Socks Radio03/23/07 19:47:28
03/30/07Va Va (Va) Voom03/30/07 15:52:15
04/13/07Va Va (Va) Voom04/13/07 15:55:58
05/11/07Va Va (Va) Voom05/11/07 15:54:29
07/06/07Transience07/06/07 18:02:57
08/05/07LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal Radio08/06/07 00:01:55
09/04/07Va Va (Va) Voom!09/04/07 20:00:11
09/11/07Va Va (Va) Voom!09/11/07 19:56:26
09/25/07Va Va (Va) Voom!09/25/07 20:05:41
10/16/07Va Va (Va) Voom!10/16/07 20:00:54
10/23/07Va Va (Va) Voom!10/23/07 20:05:28
10/30/07Va Va (Va) Voom!10/30/07 20:05:19
11/06/07Va Va (Va) Voom!11/06/07 19:55:30
11/13/07Va Va (Va) Voom!11/13/07 19:56:54
11/20/07Va Va (Va) Voom!11/20/07 20:00:33
11/27/07Va Va (Va) Voom!11/27/07 19:35:47
12/04/07Va Va (Va) Voom!12/04/07 19:54:36
12/11/07Va Va (Va) Voom!12/11/07 19:56:27
12/18/07Va Va (Va) Voom!12/18/07 19:47:57
01/29/08Four Fried Chickens and a Coke01/29/08 19:59:28
02/05/08Four Fried Chickens and a Coke02/05/08 19:59:53
02/19/08Four Fried Chickens and a Coke02/19/08 18:54:19
02/26/08Four Fried Chickens and a Coke02/26/08 20:00:29
03/11/08Four Fried Chickens and a Coke03/11/08 19:20:53
04/01/08Four Fried Chickens and a Coke04/01/08 19:59:24
04/15/08Four Fried Chickens and a Coke04/15/08 19:53:23
05/06/08Four Fried Chickens and a Coke05/06/08 19:58:12
05/13/08Four Fried Chickens and a Coke05/13/08 20:01:32
05/20/08Four Fried Chickens and a Coke05/20/08 19:33:56