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Stephen Fleg

E-Mail: flegumd [at] yahoo [dot] com
AIM: octopusfleg
Favorite Books: children's ones
Favorite Bands: Funk and soul
Favorite Quotes: If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
Favorite Other WMUC Show: RETURN 2 DA PIT
Other Info:
This is Funk music I dug up somewhere for you. I hope its that stuff that you're like, "oh wow, thats cool. I've never heard that before, but I like it, and I want to keep listening." That is my sincere and possibly unrealistic hope.

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09/26/07Half and Half09/26/07 01:59:37
10/10/07Half and Half10/10/07 01:59:16
10/24/07Half and Half10/24/07 00:53:55
10/24/07Half and Half10/24/07 02:03:47
11/07/07Half and Half11/07/07 01:57:54
01/30/08Funk You!!!01/30/08 00:49:49
02/13/08Funk You!!!02/13/08 02:00:27
02/20/08Unscheduled Show02/20/08 02:00:55