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Evan Rosenthal

Favorite Books: Oh yeah, books are great when you're lonely. I read a lot of books.
Favorite Bands: I don't listen to music.
Favorite Quotes: "Evan, you suck so hard it makes me want to vomit in your shoes." -Mike (Oxygen) O'Brien
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Everybody knows it's a secret.
Other Info:
I was born a black child on the Mississippi River. Me and the family used to dance on the porch while Uncle Greg played fiddle from his rocking chair. I generally fall down at least twice each day. I was never partial to apple pie. I am American. I love cheese, but I hate Wisconsin. Very few of my conversations result in follow up conversations.

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09/29/06Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise09/29/06 06:01:44
10/13/06Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise10/13/06 05:53:47
10/20/06Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise10/20/06 06:13:41
10/27/06Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise10/27/06 06:04:50
11/03/06Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise11/03/06 05:53:50
11/10/06Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise11/10/06 05:57:34
11/17/06Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise11/17/06 05:57:53
12/01/06Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise12/01/06 05:56:00
12/08/06Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise12/08/06 06:08:31
12/29/06Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise12/29/06 14:00:56
01/27/07Unscheduled Show01/27/07 01:13:22
02/10/07Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise02/10/07 02:00:44
02/17/07Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise02/17/07 01:56:48
02/24/07Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise02/24/07 00:39:01
03/31/07Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise03/31/07 01:54:58
04/07/07Chasing Sheep into the Sunrise04/07/07 01:58:21