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Lisa Harrison

E-Mail: lisaharrisonnc [at] yahoo [dot] com
Favorite Books: The Shining
Favorite Bands: (Jefferson) Starship, Glenn Miller, The Beatles, Twenty One Pilots, Taylor Swift and rock music that your dads listen to like: Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, etc.
Favorite Quotes: “Religion is for people who fear hell, spirituality is for people who have been there.” - David Bowie
Favorite Other WMUC Show: don't play this at frat parties
Other Info:
Hey I\'m Lisa and I host Rockin\' Rollin\' Records on WMUC-FM every week. I am also the Assistant Music Director here at the station. Rock on!

Recent Playlists

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01/31/20Rockin' Rollin' Records01/31/20 15:02:15
02/07/20Rockin' Rollin' Records02/07/20 16:14:34
02/14/20Rockin' Rollin' Records02/14/20 14:58:03
02/14/20Music!!! TEAM???02/14/20 17:57:40
02/21/20Rockin' Rollin' Records02/21/20 15:04:08
02/21/20Music!!! TEAM???02/21/20 17:42:15
02/28/20Music!!! TEAM???02/28/20 17:55:08
03/06/20Rockin' Rollin' Records03/06/20 15:34:18
03/06/20Music!!! TEAM???03/06/20 17:45:20

Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
03/07/19Rockin' Rollin' Records03/07/19 21:49:21
03/14/19Rockin' Rollin' Records03/14/19 17:57:59
03/28/19Rockin' Rollin' Records03/28/19 18:10:56
04/04/19Rockin' Rollin' Records04/04/19 18:10:16
04/11/19Rockin' Rollin' Records04/11/19 18:03:02
04/18/19Rockin' Rollin' Records04/25/19 17:30:49
04/25/19Rockin' Rollin' Records04/25/19 21:07:19
05/02/19Rockin' Rollin' Records05/03/19 13:14:49
05/09/19Rockin' Rollin' Records05/09/19 17:55:10
05/30/19Rockin' Rollin' Records05/30/19 15:00:05
06/06/19Rockin' Rollin' Records06/06/19 15:00:48
06/13/19Rockin' Rollin' Records06/13/19 15:02:03
06/20/19Rockin' Rollin' Records06/20/19 15:02:56
06/27/19Rockin' Rollin' Records06/27/19 17:52:53
07/11/19Rockin' Rollin' Records07/11/19 15:00:27
07/18/19Rockin' Rollin' Records07/18/19 15:00:09
07/25/19Rockin' Rollin' Records07/25/19 15:00:32
08/01/19Rockin' Rollin' Records08/01/19 14:54:53
08/08/19Rockin' Rollin' Records08/08/19 14:57:18
08/15/19Rockin' Rollin' Records08/15/19 14:57:59
08/22/19Rockin' Rollin' Records08/22/19 15:10:21
08/27/19Rockin' Rollin' Records08/27/19 12:47:16
09/03/19Rockin' Rollin' Records09/03/19 12:46:58
09/17/19Rockin' Rollin' Records09/17/19 12:53:03
09/24/19Rockin' Rollin' Records09/24/19 12:13:38
10/01/19Rockin' Rollin' Records10/01/19 12:53:12
11/05/19Rockin' Rollin' Records11/05/19 12:52:00
10/08/19Rockin' Rollin' Records10/08/19 12:55:48
10/22/19Rockin' Rollin' Records10/22/19 12:50:43
10/29/19Rockin' Rollin' Records10/29/19 12:53:07
11/12/19Rockin' Rollin' Records11/12/19 12:55:38
11/19/19Rockin' Rollin' Records11/19/19 12:55:57
11/26/19Love Letters to Mothman11/26/19 12:03:54
11/26/19Rockin' Rollin' Records11/26/19 13:34:03
12/03/19Rockin' Rollin' Records12/03/19 12:56:53