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Simon and Vivek

Favorite Books: Magical grimoires... anything authored by the Buddha... Batman coloring books...
Favorite Bands: Chaos Emeril, Valium Eel, Time of the Wolf, Sizewise, Empurious, Th'Art Department.
Favorite Quotes: "Everybody knows it's a secret."
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Telepathic Radio

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09/29/06Everybody knows it's a secret.11/04/06 01:09:30
10/13/06Everybody knows it's a secret.11/04/06 01:05:34
10/20/06Everybody knows it's a secret.11/04/06 01:05:00
10/27/06Everybody knows it's a secret.10/27/06 03:57:55
11/03/06Everybody knows it's a secret.11/04/06 01:06:48
11/10/06Everybody knows it's a secret.11/10/06 03:56:08
11/17/06Everybody knows it's a secret.11/17/06 03:43:18
12/01/06Everybody knows it's a secret.12/01/06 03:55:28
12/15/06Everybody knows it's a secret.12/15/06 04:00:50