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Parker Thomas

E-Mail: pmthomas [at] terpmail [dot] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Bands: The Mills Brothers, Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli with The Quintet of the Hot Club of France, The Inks Spots, Frank Sinatra, Count Basie & His Orchestra, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five, and The Andrews Sisters
Favorite Quotes: Life is Complicated
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Bits to Brass
Other Info:
Having previously provided Snyder County and Mifflin County, Pennsylvania with an hour of weekly classic jazz music out of Susquehanna University on WQSU 88.9FM, Parker now brings his show to Prince George County, Maryland via WMUC 88.1FM! Tune in Sundays from noon to 1pm to listen to a wide range of jazz sub-genres and traditional pop from the 1920s up through the 1960s on Jazzditional! If you have any requests for songs or artists, feel free to call up the station during the program or email Parker at

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02/07/21Timeless Varieties02/14/21 08:18:04
02/07/21Jazzditional02/07/21 12:22:44
02/14/21Timeless Varieties02/14/21 16:57:33
02/14/21Jazzditional02/14/21 17:09:41
02/21/21Timeless Varieties02/21/21 11:14:06
02/21/21Jazzditional02/21/21 11:58:33
02/28/21Timeless Varieties02/28/21 12:19:49
02/28/21Jazzditional02/28/21 12:31:32
03/07/21Timeless Varieties03/07/21 13:55:44
03/07/21Jazzditional03/07/21 14:03:56
03/14/21Timeless Varieties03/14/21 14:41:28
03/14/21Jazzditional03/14/21 14:56:08
03/21/21Timeless Varieties03/21/21 21:42:35
03/21/21Jazzditional03/21/21 22:03:20
03/28/21Timeless Varieties03/28/21 12:03:11
03/28/21Jazzditional03/28/21 12:23:02
04/04/21Jazzditional04/05/21 12:21:02
04/11/21Timeless Varieties04/13/21 17:41:27
04/11/21Jazzditional04/13/21 18:02:34
04/18/21Jazzditional04/18/21 11:53:49

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10/20/19Unscheduled Show10/20/19 12:59:21
10/27/19Jazzditional10/27/19 12:59:12
11/03/19Jazzditional11/03/19 12:56:48
11/10/19Jazzditional11/10/19 12:55:20
11/17/19Jazzditional11/17/19 12:50:47
11/24/19Jazzditional11/24/19 12:56:03
12/01/19Jazzditional12/01/19 12:58:19
12/08/19Jazzditional12/08/19 12:58:51
12/15/19Jazzditional12/15/19 12:43:09
02/02/20Jazzditional02/02/20 10:58:09
02/09/20Jazzditional02/09/20 10:56:28
02/16/20Jazzditional02/16/20 10:59:20
02/23/20Jazzditional02/23/20 10:54:43
03/01/20Jazzditional03/01/20 10:57:42
10/04/20Jazzditional10/04/20 10:59:14
10/11/20Jazzditional10/11/20 11:01:31
10/18/20Jazzditional10/18/20 10:55:38
10/25/20Jazzditional10/25/20 11:01:01
11/01/20Jazzditional11/01/20 11:12:27
11/08/20Jazzditional11/08/20 11:12:42
11/15/20Jazzditional11/15/20 10:31:54
11/22/20Jazzditional11/22/20 11:34:03
11/29/20Jazzditional11/29/20 10:59:43