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Julia Cooke

E-Mail: jcooke [at] terpmail [dot] umd [dot] edu
AIM: ig: juliacooke1
Favorite Books: i like lord of the flies
Favorite Bands: i like everything. i like jimi hendrix. i like wavvvvves. i like frankie ocean. i like mild high club, NWA, rush, sun ra, dick dale, the garden, black flag, herb alpert, beach fossils, tyler the creator, miles davis, yes, the stooges, sonic youth, the chantays, her's, the byrds, the beatles, cake, AJJ, steve miller band, native america, the zombies, cream, alan baylock, steve lacy, crumb, rodriguez, beach house, the rolling stones, king crimson, skegss, 311, nirvana, the cure, the who, king gizzard, prince, queen, im not gonna write anymore this is definitely overboard
Favorite Quotes: it's all free time
Favorite Other WMUC Show: La Hora Salsera
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