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Parker Leipzig

Favorite Books: The Immortalists, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, X-Files Origins, Dash and Lily
Favorite Bands: The Backseat Lovers, Wallows, The Strokes, The Beatles, Taylor Swift, The Neighborhood
Favorite Quotes: "You remember being 12, when you're like, 'No one look at me or I'll kill myself.'" -John Mulaney
Favorite Other WMUC Show: pink diamond
Other Info:
hey hi hello!\r\ndon\'t know who is coming to learn about me but I welcome you! i am the host of the show Remember When, on WMUC digital every Thursday at 9 p.m.

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09/01/21Remember When09/07/21 15:31:57
09/08/21Remember When09/08/21 12:58:02
09/15/21Remember When09/15/21 19:13:27
09/22/21Remember When09/23/21 14:40:11
09/29/21Remember When09/29/21 17:14:05
10/06/21Remember When10/06/21 14:06:11
10/13/21Remember When10/17/21 23:43:44
10/20/21Remember When10/27/21 12:30:44
10/27/21Remember When11/03/21 11:59:07
11/03/21Remember When11/03/21 14:01:15
11/10/21Remember When11/10/21 18:15:22

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