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Joey Dickson

E-Mail: jdickson [at] umd [dot] edu
AIM: i6didnt6inhale
Favorite Books: on the road, fear & loathing in las vegas, travels with charlie, zen & the art of motorcycle maintenance
Favorite Bands: umphreys mcgee, radiohead, grateful dead, ween, phish, antibalas afro-beat orchestra, disco biscuits, medeski martin & wood, broken social scene, flaming lips, frank zappa
Favorite Quotes: "Sometimes you eat the bar...and sometimes..well..the bar eats you..."
Favorite Other WMUC Show: two hours of scho and tell

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
09/30/06The Occasional Acid Flashback09/30/06 05:54:38
10/14/06The Occasional Acid Flashback10/14/06 05:50:44
10/21/06The Occasional Acid Flashback10/21/06 05:52:07
11/14/07The Occasional Acid Flashback11/14/07 15:57:49
09/12/07The Occasional Acid Flashback09/12/07 15:53:37
09/19/07The Occasional Acid Flashback09/19/07 15:56:28
09/26/07The Occasional Acid Flashback09/26/07 15:58:06
10/03/07The Occasional Acid Flashback10/03/07 15:59:31
10/10/07The Occasional Acid Flashback10/10/07 15:57:32
10/17/07The Occasional Acid Flashback10/17/07 15:56:58
10/24/07The Occasional Acid Flashback10/24/07 15:58:54
10/31/07The Occasional Acid Flashback10/31/07 16:00:03
11/07/07The Occasional Acid Flashback11/07/07 15:50:53
11/28/07The Occasional Acid Flashback11/28/07 15:58:24