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Maureen McHugh

E-Mail: mmchugh [at] umd [dot] edu
AIM: bundle hiss
Favorite Books: robert hass' sun under wood, paul celan's romanian poems, the egyptian book of the dead, anne carson's men in the off hours, kerouac's pomes all sizes, kafka's ridiculously weird imaginings of his own death.
Favorite Other WMUC Show: The Rap Video Hoes
Other Info:
happiness is not just a warm puppy, it is rolling down an extraordinarily large hill. while holding a warm puppy. is that weird?

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12/29/06threes not pairs12/29/06 15:52:36
01/12/07threes not pairs01/12/07 15:45:23
01/19/07threes not pairs01/19/07 15:48:20
01/30/07threes not pairs01/30/07 09:29:57
02/13/07threes not pairs02/13/07 09:46:16
02/20/07threes not pairs02/20/07 09:47:22
02/27/07threes not pairs02/27/07 09:58:44
03/06/07threes not pairs03/06/07 09:42:08
03/13/07threes not pairs03/13/07 09:49:50
03/27/07threes not pairs03/27/07 09:44:20
04/03/07threes not pairs04/03/07 09:42:33
04/17/07threes not pairs04/17/07 09:43:59
04/24/07threes not pairs04/24/07 09:46:53
05/01/07threes not pairs05/01/07 09:31:53