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Maureen Loman

E-Mail: moeloman [at] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Books: life of pi, the unbearable lightness of being
Favorite Bands: jens lekman, the mountain goats, the blow, emiliana torrini, ben kweller, bishop allen, belle and sebastian, and oh so many more
Favorite Quotes: "music is a world within itself, in a language we all understand, with an equal opportunity for all to sing, dance, and clap our hands" -stevie wonder
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Fat Beats & Girly Treats

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
02/22/07Insert Creative Radio Show Name Here02/22/07 07:58:04
03/01/07Insert Creative Radio Show Name Here03/01/07 07:55:13
03/08/07Insert Creative Radio Show Name Here03/08/07 08:13:58
03/15/07Insert Creative Radio Show Name Here03/15/07 08:07:32
03/29/07Insert Creative Radio Show Name Here03/29/07 08:10:29
04/05/07Insert Creative Radio Show Name Here04/05/07 08:17:50
04/12/07Insert Creative Radio Show Name Here04/12/07 08:12:43
04/19/07Insert Creative Radio Show Name Here04/19/07 08:22:39
04/26/07Insert Creative Radio Show Name Here04/26/07 07:39:29
05/03/07Insert Creative Radio Show Name Here05/03/07 08:18:11
05/10/07Insert Creative Radio Show Name Here05/10/07 08:02:17
08/30/07Murals In The Radio Static08/30/07 13:52:11
09/06/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here09/06/07 13:54:29
09/13/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here09/13/07 13:51:54
09/20/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here09/20/07 13:53:56
09/27/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here09/27/07 14:01:45
10/04/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here10/04/07 14:00:08
10/11/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here10/11/07 13:49:49
10/18/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here10/18/07 13:53:51
10/25/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here10/25/07 13:58:35
11/01/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here11/01/07 13:34:04
11/08/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here11/08/07 14:00:30
11/15/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here11/15/07 13:49:50
11/29/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here11/29/07 13:56:45
12/06/07Insert Creative Radioshow Name Here12/06/07 13:57:26
09/04/08insert radio show name here09/04/08 15:59:20
09/11/08insert radio show name here09/11/08 15:58:51
09/18/08insert radio show name here09/18/08 15:32:21
09/25/08insert radio show name here09/25/08 15:56:27
10/30/08insert radio show name here10/30/08 15:59:26
10/09/08insert radio show name here10/09/08 16:01:59
10/16/08insert radio show name here10/16/08 15:59:35
10/23/08insert radio show name here10/23/08 16:00:04
11/06/08insert radio show name here11/06/08 15:57:13
11/13/08insert radio show name here11/13/08 15:58:52
11/20/08insert radio show name here11/20/08 16:00:57
12/04/08insert radio show name here12/04/08 16:00:22
12/11/08insert radio show name here12/11/08 15:59:45
12/18/08insert radio show name here12/18/08 15:59:31
01/30/09My Organic Music01/30/09 12:00:27
02/06/09My Organic Music02/06/09 12:00:28
02/13/09My Organic Music02/13/09 12:05:18
02/20/09My Organic Music02/20/09 11:55:44
02/27/09My Organic Music02/27/09 11:56:18
03/06/09My Organic Music03/06/09 12:06:58
03/13/09My Organic Music03/13/09 12:00:24
03/27/09My Organic Music03/27/09 11:54:17
04/03/09My Organic Music04/03/09 11:50:51
04/10/09My Organic Music04/10/09 12:46:12
04/17/09My Organic Music04/17/09 11:45:26
04/24/09My Organic Music04/24/09 11:58:26
05/01/09My Organic Music05/01/09 11:58:33
05/08/09My Organic Music05/08/09 11:56:30
08/31/09My Organic Music08/31/09 22:14:52
09/07/09My Organic Music09/07/09 14:00:02
09/21/09My Organic Music09/21/09 14:02:16
09/28/09My Organic Music09/28/09 13:58:59
10/05/09My Organic Music10/05/09 16:04:11
10/19/09My Organic Music10/19/09 13:56:50
10/26/09My Organic Music10/26/09 15:18:13
11/02/09My Organic Music11/02/09 13:55:06
11/09/09My Organic Music11/09/09 13:52:59
11/23/09My Organic Music11/23/09 13:56:47
11/30/09My Organic Music11/30/09 13:56:47
12/07/09My Organic Music12/07/09 14:01:01
01/28/10My Organic Music01/28/10 15:48:12
02/04/10My Organic Music02/04/10 15:46:52
02/18/10My Organic Music02/18/10 15:56:54
03/04/10My Organic Music03/04/10 16:00:19
03/25/10My Organic Music03/25/10 15:47:40
04/01/10My Organic Music04/01/10 15:56:14
04/08/10My Organic Music04/08/10 16:00:08
04/15/10My Organic Music04/15/10 16:45:59
05/13/10My Organic Music05/13/10 15:46:05