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katie kaufmonster

E-Mail: katie [at] umd [dot] edu
AIM: savetheempire123
Favorite Books: BSC 1: Kristy's Great Idea BSC 2: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls BSC 3: The Truth About Stacey BSC 4: Mary Anne Saves the Day BSC 5: Dawn and the Impossible Three BSC 6: Kristy's Big Day BSC 7: Claudia and Mean Janine BSC 8: Boy-Crazy Stacey BSC 9: The Ghost at Dawn's House BSC 10: Logan Likes Mary Anne! BSC 11: Kristy and the Snobs BSC 12: Claudia and the New Girl BSC 13: Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye BSC 14: Hello, Mallory BSC 15: Little Miss Stoneybrook…and Dawn: BSC 16: Jessi's Secret Language BSC 17: Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery BSC 18: Stacey's Mistake BSC 19: Claudia and the Bad Joke BSC 20: Kristy and the Walking Disaster BSC 21: Mallory and the Trouble With Twins BSC 22: Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter: BSC 23: Dawn on the Coast BSC 24: Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise BSC 25: Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger BSC 26: Claudia and the Sad Good-bye BSC 27: Jessi and the Superbrat BSC 28: Welcome Back, Stacey! BSC 29: Mallory and the Mystery Diary BSC 30: Mary Anne and the Great Romance BSC 31: Dawn's Wicked Stepsister BSC 32: Kristy and the Secret of Susan BSC 33: Claudia and the Great Search BSC 34: Mary Anne and Too Many Boys BSC 35: Stacey and Mystery of Stoneybrook BSC 36: Jessi's Baby-sitter BSC 37: Dawn and the Older Boy BSC 38: Kristy's Mystery Admirer BSC 39: Poor Mallory! BSC 40: Claudia and the Middle School Mystery BSC 41: Mary Anne vs. Logan BSC 42: Jessi and the Dance School Phantom BSC 43: Stacey's Emergency BSC 44: Dawn and the Big Sleepover BSC 45: Kristy and the Baby Parade BSC 46: Mary Anne Misses Logan BSC 47: Mallory on Strike BSC 48: Jessi's Wish BSC 49: Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street BSC 50: Dawn's Big BSC 51: Stacey's Ex-Best Friend BSC 52: Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies BSC 53: Kristy for President BSC 54: Mallory and the Dream Horse BSC 55: Jessi's Gold Medal BSC 56: Keep Out, Claudia BSC 57: Dawn Saves the Planet BSC 58: Stacey's Choice BSC 59: Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym) BSC 60: Mary Anne's Makeover BSC 61: Jessi and the Awful Secret BSC 62: Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever BSC 63: Claudia's --Freind-- Friend BSC 64: Dawn's Family Feud BSC 65: Stacey's Big Crush BSC 66: Maid Mary Anne BSC 67: Dawn's Big Move BSC 68: Jessi and the Bad Baby-sitter BSC 69: Get Well Soon, Mallory BSC 70: Stacey and the Cheerleaders BSC 71: Claudia and the Perfect Boy BSC 72: Dawn and the We Love Kids Club BSC 73: Mary Anne and Miss Priss BSC 74: Kristy and the Copycat BSC 75: Jessi's Horrible Prank BSC 76: Stacey's Lie BSC 77: Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever BSC 78: Claudia and Crazy Peaches BSC 79: Mary Anne Breaks the Rules BSC 80: Mallory Pike, 1 Fan BSC 81: Kristy and Mr. Mom BSC 82: Jessi and the Troublemaker BSC 83: Stacey vs. the BSC BSC 84: Dawn and the School Spirit War BSC 85: Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO! BSC 86: Mary Anne and Camp BSC BSC 87: Stacey and the Bad Girls BSC 88: Farewell, Dawn BSC 89: Kristy and the Dirty Diapers BSC 90: Welcome to the BSC, Abby BSC 91: Claudia and the First Thanksgiving BSC 92: Mallory's Christmas Wish BSC 93: Mary Anne and the Memory Garden BSC 94: Stacey McGill, Super Sitter BSC 95: Kristy + Bart = ? BSC 96: Abby's Lucky Thirteen BSC 97: Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby BSC 98: Dawn and Too Many Sitters BSC 99: Stacey's Broken Heart BSC 100: Kristy's Worst Idea BSC 101: Claudia Kishi, Middle School Dropout BSC 102: Mary Anne And The Little Princess BSC 103: Happy Holidays, Jessi BSC 104: Abby's Twin BSC 105: Stacey The Math Whiz BSC 106: Claudia, Queen of The Seventh Grade BSC 107: Mind Your Own Business, Kristy! BSC 108: Don't Give Up, Mallory BSC 109: Mary Anne To The Rescue BSC 110: Abby the Bad Sport BSC 111: Stacey's Secret Friend BSC 112: Kristy and the Sister War BSC 113: Claudia Makes Up Her Mind BSC 114: The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier BSC 115: Jessi's Big Break BSC 116: Abby and the Best Kid Ever BSC 117: Claudia and the Terrible Truth BSC 118: Kristy Thomas, Dog Trainer BSC 119: Stacey's Ex-Boyfriend BSC 120: Mary Anne and the Playground Fight BSC 121: Abby in Wonderland BSC 122: Kristy in Charge BSC 123: Claudia's Big Party BSC 124: Stacey McGill…Matchmaker? BSC 125: Mary Anne in the Middle BSC 126: The All-New Mallory Pike BSC 127: Abby's Un-Valentine BSC 128: Claudia and the Little Liar BSC 129: Kristy at Bat BSC 130: Stacey's Movie BSC 131: The Fire at Mary Anne's House BSC Super Special 1: Baby-sitters on Board BSC Super Special 2: Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation BSC Super Special 3: Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation BSC Super Special 4: Baby-sitters' Island Adventure BSC Super Special 5: California Girls BSC Super Special 6: New York, New York BSC Super Special 7: Snowbound BSC Super Special 8: Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake BSC Super Special 9: Starring the Baby-sitters Club BSC Super Special 10: Sea City, Here We Come BSC Super Special 11: The Baby-sitters Remember BSC Super Special 12: Here Come the Bridesmaids
Favorite Bands: they aren't bands, they are artists
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Halogen Starshine

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02/24/07stop, hammerhead time.02/25/07 15:40:49
03/03/07stop, hammerhead time.03/03/07 08:41:46
03/10/07stop, hammerhead time.03/10/07 07:59:20
04/07/07stop, hammerhead time.04/07/07 08:02:12
04/14/07stop, hammerhead time.04/14/07 08:08:35
05/12/07stop, hammerhead time.05/12/07 06:37:45
08/30/07Eclectic Eccentric Soul08/30/07 01:41:32
09/06/07Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution09/06/07 00:29:13
09/13/07Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution09/13/07 01:44:24
10/18/07Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution10/18/07 00:39:39
10/18/07Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution10/18/07 02:00:12
10/25/07Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution10/25/07 01:55:11
11/22/07Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution11/22/07 04:55:09
12/26/07underneath the covers12/26/07 21:58:23
01/02/08underneath the covers01/02/08 20:53:12
01/02/08kidz night01/02/08 23:13:08
01/09/08underneath the covers01/09/08 22:18:46
02/05/082 squirrels 1 nut02/20/08 00:06:47
02/12/082 squirrels 1 nut02/20/08 00:30:48
02/26/082 squirrels 1 nut02/26/08 21:30:06
03/04/082 squirrels 1 nut03/04/08 21:36:39
03/18/082 squirrels 1 nut03/18/08 21:03:56
03/25/082 squirrels 1 nut03/25/08 21:35:05
04/15/082 squirrels 1 nut04/16/08 14:18:48
04/22/082 squirrels 1 nut04/22/08 23:53:11
09/02/08foreign affair09/02/08 21:35:31
09/16/08foreign affair09/17/08 23:20:58
10/14/08foreign affair10/15/08 01:46:07
10/14/08foreign affair11/04/08 21:05:35
12/02/08foreign affair12/02/08 22:01:07
12/16/08foreign affair12/16/08 23:12:53
01/21/09Unscheduled Show01/21/09 16:38:21