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James McGarry

E-Mail: jmcgarry [at] umd [dot] edu
AIM: Impulse988
Favorite Books: Slaughter House 5, Mother Night, Catch-22, Bonfire of the Vanities, Ragtime, Puddn'head Wilson, the good book (The Watchtower), Hustler, Teen Vouge, BBWs, James Joy's cook book
Favorite Bands: David Bowie The Stooges The Velvet Underground The Doors The Beatles Bob Dylan Johnny Cash Jimi Hendrix The Black Lips King Kahn and BBQ Show The Temptations The Dirtbombs The Flying Eyes 50
Favorite Quotes: "Throw some cheese on the S***!" ciao bella "If you got nothing you've got nothing to lose"
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Audioporn
Other Info:
I was born in the back of a honda accord and things only went up from there. I've been 3 time elected president of the papaya juice distribution corporation and i've never to been to outer space however i hope to change that someday. i once spent three hours listening to ambient music and i stabbed myself in the arm for every 15 minutes. oh, and i f***ing LOVE the denver broncos!

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02/22/07The Strange Bed-Fellows02/22/07 06:00:03
04/05/07The Strange Bed-Fellows04/05/07 05:55:09
02/07/08Unscheduled Show02/07/08 16:01:03
02/14/08Unscheduled Show02/14/08 15:59:55
02/28/08Unscheduled Show02/28/08 16:05:09
03/06/08Unscheduled Show03/06/08 16:02:28
04/10/08Jonnie\'s Show04/10/08 15:52:00
04/17/08Unscheduled Show04/17/08 16:03:18
05/08/08Unscheduled Show05/08/08 15:56:55
01/27/09Bedfellow Blues01/27/09 19:49:52
02/03/09Unscheduled Show02/03/09 20:06:20
02/10/09Bedfellow Blues02/10/09 19:58:05
03/03/09Bedfellow Blues03/03/09 19:35:27
03/24/09Bedfellow Blues03/24/09 19:54:46
03/31/09Bedfellow Blues03/31/09 20:22:18
04/21/09Bedfellow Blues04/21/09 19:52:04
05/05/09Bedfellow Blues05/05/09 20:04:04
09/04/09Bedfellow Blues09/04/09 20:06:14
09/18/09Bedfellow Blues09/18/09 20:04:00
09/25/09Bedfellow Blues09/25/09 20:01:26
11/06/09Bedfellow Blues11/06/09 19:58:18
11/20/09Bedfellow Blues11/20/09 19:56:47
12/04/09Bedfellow Blues12/04/09 20:01:21
02/03/10Bedfellow Blues02/03/10 15:29:12
02/17/10Bedfellow Blues02/17/10 16:06:04
02/24/10Bedfellow Blues02/24/10 16:01:28
03/03/10Bedfellow Blues03/03/10 15:48:30
04/28/10Bedfellow Blues04/28/10 15:58:42
05/12/10Bedfellow Blues05/12/10 16:01:42