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DJ Saile

AIM: lilischutzy
Favorite Books: "Brave New World" by Adolous Huxely, "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac, "The Teachings of Don Juan" by Carlos Casteneda.
Favorite Bands: Pink Floyd, The Doors, Radiohead, The Beatles, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Bob Dylan, Of Montreal, Dead Meadow, Ben Harper, The Velvet Underground, The Black Keys, Wilco, The White Stripes, The Vines, The Black Angels...
Favorite Quotes: "Music is my religion."-Jimi Hendrix "Do you think God gets stoned? I do, I mean look at the platapus."-Robin Williams
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Audioprawn: A New Dawn

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
03/01/07The Strange Bed-Fellows03/01/07 05:54:53
03/08/07The Strange Bed-Fellows03/08/07 05:50:20
03/15/07The Strange Bed-Fellows03/25/07 16:00:57
03/29/07The Strange Bed-Fellows03/29/07 05:59:31
04/12/07The Strange Bed-Fellows04/12/07 05:56:57
04/19/07Unscheduled Show04/19/07 05:58:45
04/26/07The Strange Bed-Fellows04/26/07 05:59:42
05/03/07The Strange Bed-Fellows05/03/07 05:53:19
05/10/07Unscheduled Show05/10/07 06:00:55
08/31/07The Strange Bedfellows08/31/07 03:57:15
09/07/07The Strange Bedfellows09/07/07 03:57:16
09/14/07The Strange Bedfellows09/14/07 03:56:09
09/21/07The Strange Bedfellows09/21/07 03:56:01
09/28/07The Strange Bedfellows09/28/07 03:56:53
10/05/07The Strange Bedfellows10/05/07 03:56:01
10/12/07The Strange Bedfellows10/12/07 03:59:08
10/19/07The Strange Bedfellows10/19/07 04:02:07
10/26/07The Strange Bedfellows10/26/07 03:54:30
11/02/07The Strange Bedfellows11/02/07 03:57:06
11/09/07The Strange Bedfellows11/09/07 03:59:17
11/16/07The Strange Bedfellows11/16/07 04:04:06
11/30/07The Strange Bedfellows11/30/07 03:57:32
12/07/07The Strange Bedfellows12/07/07 03:56:53
10/12/08Third Rail Radio10/12/08 20:46:40
10/19/08T.A.S.K. Productions Presents...FlyBoyRadio10/19/08 17:38:13
10/26/08Third Rail Radio10/26/08 20:08:39
12/14/08Third Rail Radio12/14/08 19:46:43
02/03/09Bedfellow Blues02/03/09 18:07:50
02/17/09Bedfellow Blues02/17/09 20:02:47
02/24/09Bedfellow Blues02/24/09 19:59:04
04/07/09Bedfellow Blues04/07/09 19:57:56
03/10/09Bedfellow Blues03/10/09 19:59:21
04/14/09Bedfellow Blues04/14/09 20:13:46
04/28/09Bedfellow Blues04/28/09 18:45:43
05/12/09Bedfellow Blues05/12/09 20:05:07
09/11/09Bedfellow Blues09/11/09 19:46:55
10/02/09Bedfellow Blues10/02/09 20:01:41
10/09/09Bedfellow Blues10/09/09 19:58:56
10/23/09Bedfellow Blues10/23/09 20:00:53
10/30/09Bedfellow Blues10/30/09 20:02:00
03/10/10Bedfellow Blues03/10/10 16:03:30
03/24/10Bedfellow Blues03/24/10 15:58:36
03/31/10Bedfellow Blues03/31/10 15:59:46
04/07/10Bedfellow Blues04/07/10 15:58:44
04/14/10Bedfellow Blues04/14/10 16:00:45
04/21/10Bedfellow Blues04/21/10 16:03:22
05/05/10Bedfellow Blues05/05/10 16:03:53