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Zach Cummins

Favorite Books: Stranger In a Strange Land
Favorite Bands: 31Knots, Aloha, Bastro, Battles, Beauty Pill, Braid, Broken Social Scene, Dave Brubeck, Built To Spill, Burning Airlines, Caesura, Castor, Centaur, Channels, Chavez, Cinemechanica, John Coltrane, Compound Red, Debate, Deerhoof, Dilute, The Dismemberment Plan, Do Make Say Think, Don Caballero, Doris Henson, Eyes of Autumn, Faraquet, Father Beard, From Monument to Masses, Fugazi, Gastr del Sol, David Grubbs, Herbie Hancock, Hum, Hurl, Jawbox, Juno, Kerosene 454, Kinda Panda, Les Savy Fav, The Life and Times, Loose Fur, Medications, Mission of Burma, Thelonious Monk, National Skyline, Natural Dreamers, Old Million Eye, Jim O'Rourke, Oswego, Oxes, Pattern is Movement, Pele, Same Prekop, Q and Not U, Rumah Sakit, The Sea and Cake, Shiner, Siege the Sound, Smart Went Crazy, Elliot Smith, Sufjan Stevens, Storm & Stress, Sunny Day Real Estate, Superdrag, Taking Pictures, Talking Heads, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Tiger Bear Wolf, Tortoise, The Up On In, John Vanderslice, William Elliot Whitmore, Wilco, Wilderness, Yume Bitsu
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Third Rail Radio

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
06/04/07Dinosaur Radio06/07/07 19:42:10
06/11/07Dinosaur Radio06/11/07 19:45:19
06/18/07Dinosaur Radio06/18/07 19:46:58
06/25/07Unscheduled Show06/25/07 19:59:01
07/02/07Dinosaur Radio07/02/07 19:57:52
07/09/07Dinosaur Radio07/09/07 19:56:17
07/16/07Dinosaur Radio07/16/07 19:57:31
07/23/07Dinosaur Radio07/23/07 19:55:40
07/30/07Dinosaur Radio07/30/07 21:44:35
07/30/07The Iron Tortoise07/30/07 21:47:16
08/06/07Dinosaur Radio08/06/07 20:00:52
08/13/07Dinosaur Radio08/13/07 21:24:35
08/20/07Dinosaur Radio08/20/07 19:57:54
08/27/07Dinosaur Radio08/27/07 19:54:18
09/05/07Viking Conquistador09/05/07 11:52:52
09/12/07Viking Conquistador09/12/07 12:28:56
11/21/07Viking Conquistador11/21/07 11:55:00
11/28/07Viking Conquistador11/28/07 12:00:57
12/12/07Viking Conquistador12/12/07 12:00:19
12/19/07Viking Conquistador12/19/07 10:11:11
06/08/08Dinosaur Prometheus06/08/08 15:47:44
06/15/08Dinosaur Prometheus06/15/08 15:55:16
06/29/08Dinosaur Prometheus06/29/08 15:50:29
06/22/08Dinosaur Prometheus07/01/08 13:59:12
07/13/08Dinosaur Prometheus07/13/08 15:56:28