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JJ Ramirez

E-Mail: jramire2 [at] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Books: OMG Text ftw
Favorite Bands: AHHHHHH!!!!
Favorite Quotes: "A sexy woman is a woman who can make me laugh so hard that I fart a wet one."
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Third Rail Radio
Other Info:
Blurp blurp blurp I'm JJ blurp blurp

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
11/14/07Viking Conquistador11/14/07 11:52:23
09/19/07Viking Conquistador09/19/07 12:23:59
09/26/07Viking Conquistador09/26/07 15:51:59
10/03/07Viking Conquistador10/03/07 11:55:59
10/10/07Viking Conquistador10/10/07 11:56:46
10/17/07Viking Conquistador10/17/07 12:01:38
10/24/07Viking Conquistador10/24/07 11:51:52
10/31/07Viking Conquistador10/31/07 11:55:03
11/07/07Viking Conquistador11/07/07 11:49:35
12/05/07Viking Conquistador12/05/07 11:49:28