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Meg Levine

E-Mail: malevine [at] umd [dot] edu
AIM: marvelatthesun
Favorite Books: The Yellow Wind, Animal Dreams, The Red Tent, Fight Club, The Prodigal Summer, Watership Down, Angels in America, Homage to Catalonia, Al About Love, In a Sunburnt country, so many.
Favorite Bands: 1905, A Silver Mount Zion, Amanda Woodward, the Beatles, Black Eyes, Charlotte Littlehales, Circle Takes the Square, City of Caterpillar, Daft Punk, Des Ark, The Dismemberment Plan, The Ergs, Fiona Apple, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Helen of Troy, I object!, Kickball, Latterman, La Quiete, Little Joe Gould, Look back and Laugh, The Luck Smiths, Majority Rule, Pinback, Q and not U, Radiohead, Red Sparrows, Refused, Saves the day, Sick Fix, Van Johnson, Wake up on Fire, Wrong Day to Quit.
Favorite Quotes: How do you not get this? What does Misery love?
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Han Solo
Other Info:
I love history more than you do.

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10/15/07Sleepy Time (for the living)10/15/07 03:53:57
10/01/07Sleepy Time (for the living)10/01/07 03:57:43
10/08/07Sleepy Time (for the living)10/08/07 03:51:08
10/22/07Sleepy Time (for the living)10/22/07 03:56:11
11/05/07Sleepy Time (for the living)11/05/07 03:56:15
11/12/07Sleepy Time (for the living)11/12/07 03:49:07
11/19/07Sleepy Time (for the living)11/19/07 03:52:39
11/26/07Sleepy Time (for the living)11/26/07 04:00:58
12/03/07Sleepy Time (for the living)12/03/07 03:50:17
12/17/07Sleepy Time (for the living)12/17/07 03:56:53
01/15/08Sleepy Time (for the living)01/15/08 01:43:39
01/22/08Sleepy Time (for the living)01/22/08 01:50:04