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Jared McGrath

E-Mail: jmcgrath [at] starpower [dot] net
AIM: Fishing Kix Bass
Favorite Books: Dance of Days, The Giver, The Feminine Mystique ...I was curious
Favorite Bands: 311, World/Inferno, Ted Leo/Rx, your mom
Favorite Quotes: "Do you believe in something beautiful? Get up and be it." - Ted Leo ........ "I would have made a good pope." - Richard Nixon...."There has never been a time when brains has not won over brawn, and we will live to see the dawn." -World/Inferno...."If theres a shadow in your life, then there' sunshine." -311
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Roots & Wings
Other Info:
I'll try to keep things fresh with "Ferpect Radio." Lemme know what you guys think. Thanks!

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10/05/07the get down10/17/07 00:05:28
10/06/07Ferpect Radio10/18/07 00:49:05
10/13/07Ferpect Radio10/17/07 00:03:51
10/20/07Ferpect Radio10/21/07 01:16:44
10/27/07Ferpect Radio10/27/07 07:53:23
11/10/07Ferpect Radio11/10/07 08:59:19
01/02/08Ferpect Radio01/02/08 18:02:19
01/09/08Ferpect Radio01/09/08 18:09:13
01/16/08Ferpect Radio01/17/08 10:13:39
01/23/08Ferpect Radio01/23/08 18:11:51
02/07/08Ferpect Radio02/07/08 09:55:01
02/14/08Ferpect Radio02/15/08 12:50:07
02/21/08Ferpect Radio02/21/08 09:57:44
02/28/08Ferpect Radio02/28/08 10:01:47
03/13/08Ferpect Radio03/13/08 09:56:03
03/27/08Ferpect Radio03/27/08 21:54:59
04/03/08Ferpect Radio04/03/08 09:58:12
04/24/08Ferpect Radio04/24/08 09:56:09
05/01/08Ferpect Radio05/01/08 09:55:40
05/08/08Unscheduled Show05/08/08 09:57:39
05/15/08Ferpect Radio05/15/08 09:42:39
05/25/08Ferpect Radio05/25/08 17:42:43
06/01/08Ferpect Radio06/01/08 17:55:24
06/08/08Ferpect Radio06/08/08 18:00:12
06/15/08Ferpect Radio06/15/08 17:54:20
07/06/08Ferpect Radio08/20/08 00:00:52
07/13/08Ferpect Radio08/20/08 00:04:11
08/10/08Ferpect Radio08/10/08 17:15:06
09/03/08Unscheduled Show09/03/08 17:55:44
09/17/08Unscheduled Show09/17/08 17:19:38
09/24/08Unscheduled Show09/24/08 17:17:55