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Jaren Love

AIM: jarenlove
Favorite Books: on the road, our band could be your life, the great gatsby, main street, the moviegoer, the stranger
Favorite Bands: beach boys, weezer, sloan, teenage fanclub, superdrag, rilo kiley, nada surf, big star, etc.
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Southern Hospitality
Other Info:
Hi everyone. My name is Jaren Love and I am the host of Love in the Evening every Wednesday evening from 6PM to 8PM. Listen to the show on your radio dial via 88.1FM if you\\\'re in the area or if not listen to it here on You can also download the show after the fact via the show mp3 achieve on this site. Feel free to call in to my show anytime and also i/m me on AIM: jarenlove for requests and anything else.\\r\\n\\r\\nI hope you like the show. Bye.

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
09/26/07Love in the Morning09/26/07 16:33:30
09/28/07Pizza Party!09/29/07 00:33:45
09/30/07The Interdimensional Brainblast09/30/07 14:57:42
10/03/07Love in the Morning10/03/07 08:02:46
11/14/07Love in the Morning11/14/07 08:02:10
10/10/07Love in the Morning10/10/07 08:13:02
10/17/07Love in the Morning10/18/07 09:27:13
10/21/07DNA in the DNA10/21/07 10:29:17
10/22/07The McLaughlin Group10/22/07 16:02:46
10/24/07Love in the Morning10/24/07 08:54:30
10/25/07Smash Your Ipod10/25/07 21:59:13
10/31/07Love in the Morning10/31/07 08:01:05
11/07/07Love in the Morning11/07/07 08:06:30
11/28/07Love in the Morning11/28/07 09:57:08
12/05/07Love in the Morning12/05/07 08:09:00
12/12/07Love in the Morning12/12/07 08:10:58
12/13/07TRASH MOUNTAIN12/13/07 15:59:26
12/14/07Pizza Party!12/14/07 20:04:59
01/30/08Love in the Evening01/30/08 20:01:39
02/04/08AFTERLUNATICS02/04/08 17:52:48
02/06/08Love in the Evening02/06/08 19:59:09
02/18/08AFTERLUNATICS02/18/08 17:52:21
02/20/08Love in the Evening02/20/08 19:58:22
02/25/08AFTERLUNATICS02/25/08 17:57:15
02/27/08Love in the Evening02/27/08 21:20:50
03/05/08Love in the Evening03/05/08 20:15:37
03/10/08AFTERLUNATICS03/10/08 18:00:27
03/12/08Love in the Evening03/12/08 19:58:00
03/26/08Love in the Evening03/26/08 18:35:14
04/02/08Love in the Evening04/02/08 18:52:54
04/07/08AFTERLUNATICS04/07/08 17:54:47
04/16/08Love in the Evening04/16/08 20:11:32
04/23/08Love in the Evening04/23/08 20:08:02
04/28/08AFTERLUNATICS04/30/08 18:29:23
04/30/08Love in the Evening04/30/08 20:00:27
05/05/08The McLaughlin Group05/05/08 15:01:30
05/07/08Love in the Evening05/07/08 20:04:04
05/14/08Love in the Evening05/14/08 20:02:03
05/19/08AFTERLUNATICS05/19/08 17:52:01
05/21/08Love in the Evening05/21/08 19:48:01
09/03/08Love in the Evening09/03/08 22:00:10
09/10/08Love in the Evening09/10/08 21:56:59
09/17/08Love in the Evening09/17/08 21:59:35
09/24/08Love in the Evening09/24/08 22:00:34
10/01/08Love in the Evening10/01/08 21:58:57
10/08/08Love in the Evening10/08/08 21:52:44
10/15/08Love in the Evening10/15/08 21:55:30
10/22/08Love in the Evening10/22/08 21:54:43
10/29/08Love in the Evening10/29/08 21:59:55
11/05/08Love in the Evening11/05/08 22:00:42
11/12/08Love in the Evening11/12/08 21:53:25
11/19/08Love in the Evening11/19/08 21:55:29
12/03/08Love in the Evening12/03/08 21:56:12
12/17/08Forever Young12/17/08 12:03:08
12/17/08Love in the Evening12/17/08 21:52:47
01/05/09Love in the Evening01/05/09 21:51:52
01/12/09Love in the Evening01/12/09 21:57:49
01/19/09Love in the Evening01/19/09 22:02:44
01/28/09Love in the Evening01/28/09 22:02:46
02/04/09Love in the Evening02/04/09 21:54:02
02/11/09Love in the Evening02/11/09 21:56:35
02/18/09Love in the Evening02/18/09 21:50:54
02/25/09Love in the Evening02/25/09 22:00:49
03/04/09Love in the Evening03/04/09 21:57:56
03/25/09Love in the Evening03/25/09 22:00:01
04/01/09Love in the Evening04/01/09 21:59:59
04/08/09Love in the Evening04/08/09 22:00:40
04/15/09Love in the Evening04/15/09 21:57:55
04/19/09Happening Now04/19/09 11:58:31
04/22/09Love in the Evening04/22/09 22:00:07
04/29/09Love in the Evening04/29/09 22:02:00
05/13/09Love in the Evening05/13/09 20:36:10
05/20/09Love in the Evening05/20/09 21:37:34
05/27/09Love in the Evening05/27/09 19:58:44
06/03/09Love in the Evening06/03/09 19:58:45
06/10/09Love in the Evening06/10/09 22:09:41
06/17/09Love in the Evening06/17/09 19:57:45
06/24/09Love in the Evening06/24/09 19:58:21
08/19/09Love in the Evening08/19/09 20:00:12
08/31/09Love in the Evening08/31/09 21:55:39
09/07/09Love in the Evening09/07/09 21:58:39
09/14/09Love in the Evening09/14/09 22:03:06
09/01/09Roughin' it! with Jaren and Tori09/15/09 21:46:28
09/21/09Love in the Evening09/21/09 22:03:37
09/28/09Love in the Evening09/28/09 22:02:32
09/29/09Roughin' it! with Jaren and Tori09/29/09 20:58:54
10/05/09Love in the Evening10/05/09 22:03:57
10/12/09Love in the Evening10/12/09 22:01:56
10/26/09Love in the Evening10/26/09 21:59:46
11/02/09Love in the Evening11/02/09 21:57:11
11/09/09Love in the Evening11/09/09 21:55:01
11/23/09Love in the Evening11/23/09 20:37:29
11/30/09Love in the Evening11/30/09 21:57:50
12/07/09Love in the Evening12/07/09 21:15:16
12/14/09Love in the Evening12/14/09 21:55:49
12/29/09Love in the Evening12/29/09 21:58:27
01/05/10Love in the Evening01/05/10 21:32:53
01/19/10Love in the Evening01/19/10 21:57:48
01/25/10Love in the Evening01/25/10 21:56:57
02/01/10Love in the Evening02/01/10 21:52:00
02/15/10Love in the Evening02/15/10 21:54:59
03/08/10Love in the Evening03/08/10 20:58:16
03/22/10Love in the Evening03/22/10 21:33:31
03/29/10Love in the Evening03/29/10 22:02:38
04/19/10Love in the Evening04/19/10 20:49:54
05/10/10Love in the Evening05/10/10 22:03:03