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Laura Mateczun

E-Mail: mateczun [at] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Other WMUC Show: That Fresh Radio Piece
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Caffeinated Headphones

Dr. UBADJ or How I Learned to Stop Listening to Commercial Radio and Start Spinning Good Records Also Known As BFF Radio Hour

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
10/02/07Caffeinated Headphones10/02/07 04:37:54
10/05/07The Iron Tortoise10/05/07 02:00:24
10/16/07Caffeinated Headphones10/16/07 04:01:57
10/23/07Caffeinated Headphones10/23/07 03:56:25
10/27/07Five/Eight Radio10/27/07 05:52:22
11/06/07Caffeinated Headphones11/06/07 03:58:42
11/20/07Caffeinated Headphones11/20/07 03:59:02
11/26/07Teen Age Riot!11/26/07 22:02:11
09/04/07Caffeinated Headphones12/04/07 03:58:40
12/05/07The Occasional Acid Flashback12/05/07 16:04:32
12/05/07kidz night12/06/07 00:08:34
12/06/07Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution12/11/07 01:55:40
09/11/07Caffeinated Headphones12/11/07 04:17:05
12/11/07Hot Sauce with Ricky Alexander & Chris Jones12/11/07 04:42:54
09/18/07Caffeinated Headphones12/18/07 03:59:48
12/18/07Hot Sauce with Ricky Alexander & Chris Jones12/18/07 05:46:28
12/18/07The Ballerz Breakfast12/18/07 06:19:11
12/18/07rudie-patootie12/18/07 10:02:16
12/21/07Coast To Coast Overdose12/22/07 02:17:10
12/29/07Dr. UBADJ or BFF Radio Hour12/29/07 09:58:11
01/05/08Dr. UBADJ or BFF Radio Hour01/05/08 01:54:13