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Scott La Cross

E-Mail: QueerQuorner [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: QueerQuorner
Favorite Books: Leaves of Grass, Perks of Being a Wallflower, World War Z. I'm an English Major, so there are too many.
Favorite Bands: Hmm...I like Minus the Bear and The Pipettes a lot. Love Mary Prankster and Le Tigre. All sorts of other rock and/or roll. Also I like a lot of electro/techno/trash.
Favorite Quotes: "It's like the 60s, but with less hope" Justin Bond from Shortbus.
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Caffeinated Headphones

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10/06/07Queer Quorner10/06/07 02:40:57
10/13/07Queer Quorner10/13/07 02:22:24
10/20/07Queer Quorner10/20/07 02:41:59
10/27/07Queer Quorner10/27/07 07:03:51
11/03/07Queer Quorner11/03/07 02:54:53
11/10/07Queer Quorner11/10/07 02:54:31
11/17/07Queer Quorner11/21/07 17:50:17
12/01/07Queer Quorner12/07/07 16:18:14
12/08/07Queer Quorner12/08/07 13:42:03
12/28/07Queer Quorner12/29/07 19:14:00
01/04/08Queer Quorner01/11/08 09:54:32
01/11/08Queer Quorner01/16/08 21:00:33
01/18/08Queer Quorner01/19/08 18:31:35
01/25/08Queer Quorner01/26/08 00:10:02
02/01/08Queer Quorner02/08/08 11:18:14
02/08/08Queer Quorner02/10/08 22:41:02
03/28/08Queer Quorner03/28/08 20:56:16
02/15/08Queer Quorner02/22/08 10:30:13
02/22/08Queer Quorner02/29/08 12:41:18
02/29/08Queer Quorner02/29/08 22:16:27
04/04/08Queer Quorner04/11/08 15:39:06
04/11/08Queer Quorner04/25/08 13:24:38
04/25/08Queer Quorner04/25/08 21:56:52