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Joe Straaik

Favorite Books: Catcher In The Rye and The Patriot Chiefs
Favorite Bands: Right now I have been listening to Jenny Lewis, The Arcade Fire and Islands non-stop. But for my entire life, I would say my most influential bands have been The Clash, The Smiths, and R.E.M.
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Melodic Monday Mornings at Midnight
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02/01/06The Wake-Up Bomb!02/01/06 13:20:39
02/08/06The Wake-Up Bomb!02/08/06 12:10:18
02/15/06The Wake-Up Bomb!02/15/06 13:57:23
02/22/06The Wake-Up Bomb!02/22/06 13:56:55
03/01/06The Wake-Up Bomb!03/01/06 13:56:25
03/08/06The Wake-Up Bomb!03/08/06 13:57:09
03/15/06The Wake-Up Bomb!03/15/06 13:56:18
03/29/06The Wake-Up Bomb!03/29/06 13:54:27
04/05/06The Wake-Up Bomb!04/05/06 13:56:22
04/12/06The Wake-Up Bomb!04/12/06 13:53:55
04/19/06The Wake-Up Bomb!04/19/06 13:57:13
04/26/06The Wake-Up Bomb!04/26/06 13:54:38
05/03/06The Wake-Up Bomb!05/03/06 13:56:11
05/10/06The Wake-Up Bomb!05/10/06 13:58:10