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Annie Folks

AIM: anniegetyourgat
Favorite Books: Candide, The Phantom Tollbooth
Favorite Bands: The Decemberists, Tilly and the Wall, Wale, Kanye West, Feist, The Beatles & The Rolling Stones, Jenny Lewis, any go-go heard in a PG county high school homecoming dance.
Favorite Other WMUC Show: stands for decibels
Other Info:
Folksie is the silliest filly and the Pioneer of FLAKE RADIO.

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
03/11/08Morning Tea and Jams03/11/08 11:39:56
03/16/08Beauty & the Beatbox 03/16/08 01:56:57
06/03/08Fat Beats and Girly Treats06/24/08 09:47:13
06/10/08Fat Beats and Girly Treats06/10/08 19:49:54
06/17/08Fat Beats and Girly Treats06/24/08 09:46:02
06/24/08Fat Beats and Girly Treats06/24/08 19:55:39
07/01/08Fat Beats and Girly Treats07/01/08 19:51:26
07/15/08Fat Beats and Girly Treats07/15/08 19:04:59
07/22/08Fat Beats and Girly Treats07/22/08 18:33:28
07/29/08Brainilingus07/29/08 19:34:14
08/19/08Fat Beats and Girly Treats08/19/08 19:58:41
08/26/08Fat Beats and Girly Treats08/26/08 19:56:59
09/12/08Fat Beats & Girly Treats09/12/08 01:51:46
10/03/08Fat Beats & Girly Treats10/03/08 01:59:29
10/17/08Fat Beats & Girly Treats10/17/08 01:51:10
10/31/08Fat Beats & Girly Treats10/31/08 01:56:04
11/21/08Fat Beats & Girly Treats11/21/08 01:56:21
12/12/08Fat Beats & Girly Treats12/12/08 01:59:35