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Becky S

E-Mail: beckyontheradio [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: thebeatfrequency
Favorite Bands: (not in order at all): Foo Fighters, Florence + The Machine, The xx, Coldplay, Spoon, Tilly and the Wall, Alphabeat, Arcade Fire, The Postal Service, Radiohead, Mates of State, Death Cab for Cutie, Rilo Kiley, Muse, Kate Nash, Arctic Monkeys, The Boy Least Likely To, The Eames Era, The Submarines, The Coast, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Snow Patrol, Regina Spektor, Barenaked Ladies, Sufjan Stevens, The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, Ben Folds, Ben Folds Five, John Mayer, This is Ivy League, The New Pornographers, Broken Social Scene, Billy Joel, Fiona Apple, The Cars, Cobra Starship, Queen, Weezer, Ra Ra Riot, We Are Scientists

Favorite Quotes:
"College Park: A Livable Community"
"Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen." - Conan O'Brien
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Coffee and a Few Tunes

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
08/24/08The Beat Frequency08/25/08 08:07:25
06/22/08The Beat Frequency06/22/08 09:58:57
07/06/08The Beat Frequency07/13/08 09:19:42
07/13/08The Beat Frequency07/13/08 09:54:39
07/20/08The Beat Frequency07/20/08 10:07:05
07/20/08Sara\'s Show07/20/08 10:53:19
07/27/08The Beat Frequency07/27/08 10:00:40
08/03/08The Beat Frequency08/03/08 09:55:46
08/10/08The Beat Frequency08/10/08 10:09:46
08/17/08The Beat Frequency08/17/08 10:27:28
08/31/08The Beat Frequency08/31/08 10:22:54
09/05/08The Beat Frequency09/05/08 13:57:43
09/12/08The Beat Frequency09/12/08 13:58:35
09/19/08The Beat Frequency09/19/08 14:08:33
09/26/08The Beat Frequency09/30/08 22:37:52
10/03/08The Beat Frequency11/14/08 12:31:28
10/10/08The Beat Frequency10/10/08 23:45:20
10/17/08The Beat Frequency10/17/08 13:55:08
10/24/08The Beat Frequency10/24/08 13:57:25
10/31/08The Beat Frequency10/31/08 13:55:32
11/07/08The Beat Frequency11/07/08 14:05:09
11/14/08The Beat Frequency11/14/08 14:00:39
11/21/08The Beat Frequency11/26/08 20:00:56
12/05/08The Beat Frequency12/05/08 13:59:44
12/12/08The Beat Frequency12/12/08 13:57:41
12/20/08Your Weekly Music Bath12/20/08 14:57:46
12/29/08The Beat Frequency12/29/08 20:28:45
01/05/09The Beat Frequency01/05/09 20:01:10
01/12/09The Beat Frequency01/12/09 20:03:21
01/17/09Sweet Nothings01/17/09 15:02:35
01/19/09The Beat Frequency01/19/09 20:03:44
07/10/09The Beat Frequency07/10/09 21:56:32
07/24/09The Beat Frequency07/24/09 22:02:10
08/07/09The Beat Frequency08/07/09 22:01:55
08/21/09The Beat Frequency08/21/09 21:58:21
08/28/09The Beat Frequency08/28/09 21:55:49
09/01/09The Beat Frequency09/01/09 13:50:38
09/08/09The Beat Frequency09/08/09 13:57:49
09/15/09The Beat Frequency09/15/09 13:56:34
09/22/09The Beat Frequency09/22/09 13:52:17
09/29/09The Beat Frequency09/29/09 13:52:01
10/06/09The Beat Frequency10/06/09 13:35:20
10/13/09The Beat Frequency10/13/09 13:44:57
10/20/09The Beat Frequency10/20/09 13:39:05
10/27/09The Beat Frequency12/08/09 22:37:35
11/03/09The Beat Frequency11/03/09 13:44:45
11/10/09The Beat Frequency11/10/09 13:40:53
11/17/09The Beat Frequency11/17/09 13:45:22
11/24/09The Beat Frequency11/24/09 14:02:04
12/01/09The Beat Frequency12/01/09 13:50:58
12/08/09The Beat Frequency12/08/09 13:55:08
12/16/09Blue Alchemy Radio12/16/09 21:59:12
01/09/10Unscheduled Show01/09/10 15:19:31
01/29/10The Beat Frequency01/29/10 14:01:37
02/12/10The Beat Frequency02/12/10 14:00:01
02/19/10The Beat Frequency02/19/10 14:01:15
02/26/10The Beat Frequency02/26/10 14:02:20
03/05/10The Beat Frequency03/05/10 13:59:22
03/12/10The Beat Frequency03/12/10 14:01:43
04/16/10The Beat Frequency04/16/10 14:01:30
03/26/10The Beat Frequency03/26/10 13:59:48
04/02/10The Beat Frequency05/17/10 20:34:19
04/09/10The Beat Frequency05/17/10 22:04:22
04/23/10The Beat Frequency04/23/10 14:01:32
04/30/10The Beat Frequency04/30/10 14:01:45
05/07/10The Beat Frequency05/07/10 14:03:21