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Fernanda Pini

E-Mail: fepini [at] umd [dot] edu
AIM: nandapini
Favorite Books: inspirational music. and all that is to be expected from a person of such nature as myself. "how do i reach these kids"
Favorite Bands: death. suicidal. homicidal. behavior. you know, all those things and a beat + some peace and love and justice and all thats good with the world, plus some bad stuff too. caetano veloso, titãns. and a few surprises (i.e. listen to the show and you will know). music at Shoppers!!!
Favorite Quotes: "we've been under constant satellite surveillance, there's an armed preditor above us at all times. If we were a threat, we would have been dead by now." "dr.stone, long time, no see."
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Cue
Other Info:
our decontamination and sanitation is second to none. and in case of a breach, our lab is built on top of a nuclear detonator. . . -.-and perhaps drop a nuclear bomb in utah based on some half baked intelligence.

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06/21/08the DownstAirs miXup06/23/08 15:17:05
07/05/08the DownstAirs miXup07/05/08 09:53:13
07/19/08the DownstAirs miXup07/19/08 09:58:31
07/26/08the DownstAirs miXup07/26/08 08:10:47
08/02/08the DownstAirs miXup08/03/08 13:00:43
09/06/08the DownstAirs miXup09/06/08 18:40:32
09/20/08the DownstAirs miXup09/22/08 11:13:40
09/27/08the DownstAirs miXup09/29/08 15:06:57
10/04/08the DownstAirs miXup10/04/08 10:20:03
10/11/08the DownstAirs miXup10/11/08 09:59:06
10/18/08the DownstAirs miXup10/18/08 09:57:42
10/25/08the DownstAirs miXup10/25/08 09:44:21
11/08/08the DownstAirs miXup11/08/08 09:54:43
12/06/08the DownstAirs miXup12/06/08 13:26:06
12/13/08the DownstAirs miXup12/13/08 09:59:49
12/20/08the DownstAirs miXup12/20/08 09:57:19
12/29/08the DownstAirs miXup12/29/08 17:47:43
01/05/09the DownstAirs miXup01/05/09 17:49:12
02/13/09The Downstairs Mix-up02/17/09 21:10:46
04/17/09The Downstairs Mix-up04/18/09 00:02:00
04/24/09The Downstairs Mix-up04/28/09 07:32:41
05/08/09The Downstairs Mix-up05/09/09 00:03:35
08/31/09Unscheduled Show08/31/09 22:00:10
09/21/09The Downstairs MixUp09/21/09 21:58:32
10/12/09The Downstairs MixUp10/12/09 20:26:18
11/02/09The Downstairs MixUp11/02/09 22:01:12