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Sasha Guevara

Favorite Books: Jane Austen
Favorite Bands: si me hace mover, me gusta
Favorite Quotes: "bad time, charlie...NASA discovered a singularity in our solar system. A singularity is a no longer theoretical hole in the space time continuum...Are you saying this is an alien attack, Chuck?.. Absolutely sir""
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Cue
Other Info:
we're going to de river.. you know, like, rolling.

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
06/28/08the DownstAirs miXup06/28/08 09:56:32
08/09/08the DownstAirs miXup08/09/08 10:00:36
08/23/08Happy in Exile08/24/08 12:52:07
08/23/08the DownstAirs miXup08/23/08 10:26:42
08/30/08the DownstAirs miXup08/30/08 18:04:24
09/13/08the DownstAirs miXup09/13/08 11:27:52
11/01/08the DownstAirs miXup11/05/08 17:26:01
11/15/08the DownstAirs miXup11/15/08 10:10:10
11/22/08the DownstAirs miXup11/22/08 09:47:26
12/22/08the DownstAirs miXup12/22/08 19:54:03
01/12/09the DownstAirs miXup01/12/09 18:06:09
01/30/09The Downstairs Mix-up01/30/09 23:20:30
02/06/09The Downstairs Mix-up02/08/09 01:13:59
02/27/09The Downstairs Mix-up02/27/09 23:59:03
03/13/09The Downstairs Mix-up03/14/09 00:04:16
03/20/09The Downstairs Mix-up03/20/09 23:52:05
03/27/09The Downstairs Mix-up03/27/09 23:53:16
09/14/09The Downstairs MixUp09/14/09 21:55:34
09/28/09The Downstairs MixUp09/28/09 22:02:47
10/19/09The Downstairs MixUp10/19/09 21:58:00
11/09/09The Downstairs MixUp11/09/09 21:59:43
11/23/09The Downstairs MixUp11/23/09 22:01:52