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Daniel Berdak

E-Mail: Daniel [at] wmucradio [dot] com
Favorite Books: All Shook Up: How Rock N' Roll Changed America, Candide, Madame Bovary, Terror and Liberalism, How To Play Hard Heavy and Nu Rock (heavy metal and hard rock styles included), What Was Hot, Various Guitar Tablature
Favorite Bands: Rock - Hard Alternative Rock, Punk Revival, Grunge, Post-punk, Classic Punk, Hardcore Punk, Garage Rock, Post-Hardcore, Experimental Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock Metal - Classic Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash, Speed metal, Progressive Metal, Guitar Virtuoso Blues - stuff like BB King, Muddy Waters, and Bo Diddley Specific bands: everything metallica prior to the black album, Megadeth, In Flames, Iron Maiden, Carcass, Pantera, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Thrice, Alice In Chains, Tool, Soundgarden, Oddzar, The Smiths, Joy Division, Glassjaw, Opeth, Nachtmystium, Burning Shadows, Relentless, Young Widows, Black Flag, Mercyful Fate, Nine Black Alps, Slayer, Motorhead, My Bloody Valentine, Bo Diddley, Deep Purple, Strapping Young Lad, Emperor, Death, Arch Enemy, AC/DC, Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Condemn The Infected, Kreator, Norther, various local music
Favorite Other WMUC Show: The Iron Tortoise: True Metal Radio
Other Info:
Had David Richman as a cohost on Third Rail August 31, 2008 Had Henry Everitt of Condemn The Infected Interviewed on September 10, 2009 on Danger and Dissonance

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07/29/08Unscheduled Show07/29/08 21:32:22
08/10/08Unscheduled Show08/10/08 20:53:53
08/25/08Telepathic Radio08/25/08 14:04:20
08/25/08As of yet08/25/08 18:01:29
08/27/08(de)Caffeinated Headphones08/27/08 13:58:33
08/31/08Third Rail Radio08/31/08 21:00:00
09/04/08The Alternative Breakfast Party from Hell09/04/08 14:04:26
09/21/08Super Nova09/21/08 12:01:09
09/28/08Super Nova09/28/08 11:53:38
10/06/08Unscheduled Show10/06/08 13:01:05
11/05/08Mauled By A Baer11/05/08 18:07:26
01/26/09Danger and Dissonance01/26/09 16:11:11
02/02/09Danger and Dissonance02/02/09 16:05:32
02/09/09Danger and Dissonance02/09/09 16:01:26
02/16/09Danger and Dissonance02/16/09 16:00:23
02/23/09Danger and Dissonance02/23/09 16:02:52
03/09/09Danger and Dissonance03/09/09 16:05:38
03/16/09Danger and Dissonance03/16/09 16:12:29
03/23/09Danger and Dissonance03/23/09 16:05:14
03/30/09Danger and Dissonance03/30/09 16:01:18
04/06/09Danger and Dissonance04/06/09 15:58:47
04/13/09Danger and Dissonance04/13/09 15:55:16
04/20/09Danger and Dissonance04/20/09 15:59:41
04/27/09Danger and Dissonance04/27/09 16:02:45
05/11/09Danger and Dissonance05/11/09 15:59:55
09/03/09Danger and Dissonance09/03/09 14:02:37
09/10/09Danger and Dissonance09/10/09 14:00:44
09/17/09Danger and Dissonance09/17/09 13:57:35
09/24/09Danger and Dissonance09/24/09 14:00:27
10/01/09Danger and Dissonance10/01/09 14:01:06
10/08/09Danger and Dissonance10/08/09 14:00:54
10/15/09Danger and Dissonance10/19/09 09:22:51
10/22/09Danger and Dissonance10/22/09 14:01:12
10/29/09Danger and Dissonance10/29/09 14:01:02
11/12/09Danger and Dissonance11/12/09 13:57:56
11/19/09Danger and Dissonance11/19/09 14:01:08
12/03/09Danger and Dissonance12/03/09 14:03:48
12/17/09Danger and Dissonance12/17/09 14:16:31
01/10/10Third Rail Radio01/10/10 21:02:41
01/28/10Danger and Dissonance01/28/10 09:57:57
02/18/10Danger and Dissonance02/20/10 09:20:36
02/25/10Danger and Dissonance02/25/10 09:59:31
03/04/10Danger and Dissonance03/04/10 09:59:35
03/11/10Danger and Dissonance03/11/10 09:58:44
03/18/10Danger and Dissonance03/18/10 09:59:54
03/25/10Danger and Dissonance03/25/10 09:58:44
04/01/10Danger and Dissonance04/01/10 09:58:41
04/08/10Danger and Dissonance04/08/10 09:58:23
04/15/10Danger and Dissonance04/17/10 19:09:15
04/22/10Danger and Dissonance04/22/10 09:58:41
05/06/10Danger and Dissonance05/06/10 09:57:30
09/01/10Danger and Dissonance 09/01/10 11:57:47
09/08/10Danger and Dissonance 09/08/10 12:00:17
09/22/10Danger and Dissonance 09/26/10 20:48:45
09/29/10Danger and Dissonance 09/29/10 12:01:17
10/06/10Danger and Dissonance 10/06/10 12:00:56
10/13/10Danger and Dissonance 10/13/10 12:02:55
10/20/10Danger and Dissonance 10/20/10 12:01:22
10/27/10Danger and Dissonance 10/27/10 12:00:28
11/03/10Danger and Dissonance 11/03/10 11:56:33
11/10/10Danger and Dissonance 11/10/10 11:54:47
11/17/10Danger and Dissonance 11/17/10 11:55:17
12/01/10Danger and Dissonance 12/01/10 11:57:17
12/08/10Danger and Dissonance 12/08/10 12:01:28