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E-Mail: hubsmoke [at] wmucradio [dot] com
AIM: hubsmoke
Favorite Bands: Riskotheque, Ruckspin, Reso, UltraBlack, NumberNin6, Soi, JazzSteppa, Caspa, Rusko, Excision, The Widdler, Bassnectar, Pelican, Explosions in the Sky, God is an Astronaut, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Murs
Favorite Other WMUC Show: CUE
Other Info:
With an ever-growing collection of exclusive dancefloor rompers from some of the biggest producers in the industry, Hubsmoke has quickly become one of the most sought after and forward thinking dubstep DJ/producers on the east coast. Hubsmoke currently holds a residency at Jump Down Music’s DubFWD in Baltimore and has been sighted behind the decks at venues all over the country. \r\n\r\nHaving performed alongside the world\'s most renowned dubstep artists such as Noah D, NumberNin6, Roommate, The Widdler, UltraBlack, Nick Argon, and Matty G, Hubsmoke has developed a live performance that is a spectacle of this seemingly normal fellow throwing down insane, face twisting, dancefloor shaking sets that end up appealing to the entire spectrum of veteran dubsteppers and newcomers alike. \r\n\r\nHis affinity for filthy basslines, progressive rhythms, and dark vibes in his own production work has attracted both domestic and international attention from various record labels including Bass Punch Records (Sweden), Unjustified Records (UK), Binge Records (US), and Pruven Music\'s new dubstep sublabel, Diagnose (US). \r\n\r\nWith several releases set to hit record stores worldwide and an east coast tour with North American dubstep heavyweights UltraBlack, 2009 has been a promising start for this young talent who will only further progress and impress in 2010 and beyond.

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09/30/08Unscheduled Show10/01/08 18:17:11
01/24/09Sweet Nothings01/24/09 15:17:10
02/01/09DubFWD - Dubstep Radio02/05/09 13:57:19
02/22/09DubFWD - Dubstep Radio02/16/09 05:45:15
03/01/09DubFWD - Dubstep Radio03/01/09 02:11:47
03/08/09DubFWD - Dubstep Radio03/08/09 03:05:27
10/06/09Unscheduled Show10/06/09 17:58:49