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Jstone +Tayne= <3

E-Mail: lonestarstatethe [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: lonestarstateMUC
Favorite Books: books are for sissies
Favorite Bands: LAZER! Midlake, Pilotdrift, Jetscreamer, Modico, Fishboy, Willie Nelson, Black Lights, The Cut* Off, Milicent Friendly, Cordelane, The Ivory Class, Cruiserweight, General Sherman
Favorite Quotes: I'm at the point that I can wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, scratch my ribs and say "I'm awesome" - Andrew "Stevens"
Favorite Other WMUC Show: LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal Radio

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
02/01/06The Lonestar State02/01/06 18:17:43
02/08/06The Lonestar State02/08/06 18:12:36
02/15/06The Lonestar State02/15/06 18:17:04
02/22/06The Lonestar State02/22/06 18:10:09
03/08/06The Lonestar State03/08/06 19:46:44
03/22/06The Lonestar State03/22/06 18:30:31
04/12/06The Lonestar State04/12/06 22:37:29
05/17/06The Lonestar State05/17/06 19:21:03
06/27/06The LONEstar State06/27/06 18:12:30
06/27/06The LONEstar State06/27/06 19:37:02
07/11/06The LONEstar State07/11/06 18:15:00
07/18/06The LONEstar State07/18/06 19:16:42
08/01/06The LONEstar State08/01/06 19:05:20
09/04/06The LONEstar State09/04/06 19:50:44
09/11/06The LONEstar State09/11/06 19:04:23
09/18/06The LONEstar State09/18/06 19:02:43
09/25/06The LONEstar State09/25/06 18:53:29
10/02/06The LONEstar State10/02/06 20:00:55
10/09/06The LONEstar State10/09/06 19:05:27
10/16/06The LONEstar State10/16/06 19:59:12
10/23/06The LONEstar State10/23/06 19:05:08
10/30/06The LONEstar State10/30/06 19:06:52
11/06/06The LONEstar State11/06/06 19:09:02
11/13/06The LONEstar State11/13/06 19:05:03
11/13/06The Rap Video Hoes11/13/06 21:59:13
11/20/06The LONEstar State11/20/06 19:44:18
11/27/06The LONEstar State11/27/06 19:07:04
12/04/06The LONEstar State12/04/06 18:56:29
12/18/06The LONEstar State12/18/06 19:26:16
01/22/07The LONEstar State01/22/07 19:55:15
02/07/07Identity Crisis02/07/07 18:04:08
03/21/07Identity Crisis03/21/07 17:58:07
04/04/07Identity Crisis04/04/07 17:24:04
05/02/07Identity Crisis05/02/07 16:53:56
01/01/08Four Fried Chickens and a Coke01/01/08 17:51:31
01/08/08Four Fried Chickens and a Coke01/08/08 18:05:49
06/02/08Magma Hipster Cowboy06/02/08 19:47:25
06/16/08Magma Hipster Cowboy06/16/08 19:47:10
08/04/08Magma Hipster Cowboy08/04/08 19:58:50
09/08/08Magma Hipster Cowboy Presents: The Radio Used To Play More Than Music09/08/08 17:20:52
09/29/08Unscheduled Show09/29/08 17:34:40
09/22/08Magma Hipster Cowboy Presents: The Radio Used To Play More Than Music09/22/08 17:57:16
10/13/08Magma Hipster Cowboy Presents: The Radio Used To Play More Than Music10/13/08 17:27:00
10/20/08Magma Hipster Cowboy Presents: The Radio Used To Play More Than Music10/20/08 16:20:43
10/27/08Magma Hipster Cowboy Presents: The Radio Used To Play More Than Music10/27/08 17:57:11
05/27/09LONESTAR STATE05/27/09 19:59:29
06/03/09LONESTAR STATE06/03/09 19:53:47
06/10/09LONESTAR STATE06/10/09 19:32:33
06/17/09LONESTAR STATE06/17/09 20:01:48
06/24/09LONESTAR STATE06/24/09 18:23:53
07/01/09LONESTAR STATE07/01/09 19:48:46