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E-Mail: reese [at] wmucradio [dot] com
Favorite Quotes: "The strength and endurance of your aspiration is unknowable, so work today." -D.C. Berman + "Don’t look down on a man, unless you gonna pick him up." + "We are the ones who are alive right now, so let's start living." - The Microphones, 'Get Off The Internet'
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Third Rail Radio

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
09/30/08foreign affair09/30/08 20:05:14
09/30/08Unscheduled Show09/30/08 23:10:41
10/11/08Unscheduled Show10/11/08 05:29:33
10/23/08Halogen Starshine10/24/08 14:43:15
10/31/08CRANK up the CRACK11/01/08 02:54:26
11/02/08A Young Person's Guide to Corruption11/02/08 10:06:33
11/09/08A Young Person's Guide to Corruption11/09/08 10:00:56
11/16/08A Young Person's Guide to Corruption12/12/08 02:56:40
11/23/08A Young Person's Guide to Corruption11/23/08 11:45:54
12/10/08TRASH MOUNTAIN12/10/08 04:27:24
12/12/08DNA in the DNA12/12/08 21:59:58
12/14/08A Young Person's Guide to Corruption12/14/08 09:49:46
01/31/09Mysterious Maux02/01/09 00:11:12
01/30/09A Young Person's Guide to Corruption01/31/09 01:21:47
02/13/09A Young Person's Guide to Corruption02/13/09 21:57:09
02/22/09Third Rail Radio02/22/09 20:36:57
02/20/09A Young Person's Guide to Corruption02/20/09 15:45:17
02/27/09A Young Person's Guide to Corruption02/27/09 21:56:18
03/20/09A Young Person's Guide to Corruption03/20/09 21:53:56
03/22/09Third Rail Radio03/22/09 20:37:13
03/27/09A Young Person's Guide to Corruption03/27/09 22:00:59
03/29/09Third Rail Radio03/30/09 18:02:26
04/05/09Third Rail Radio04/05/09 20:57:40
04/06/09Neon Rocketship04/06/09 17:56:42
04/10/09A Young Person's Guide to Corruption04/17/09 21:16:55
04/17/09A Young Person's Guide to Corruption04/17/09 21:17:51
05/01/09A Young Person's Guide to Corruption05/01/09 21:58:40
05/03/09Third Rail Radio05/03/09 20:43:13
05/08/09A Young Person's Guide to Corruption05/08/09 21:55:07
05/15/09A Young Person's Guide to Corruption05/15/09 21:59:51
05/31/09Third Rail Radio05/31/09 20:52:15
08/16/09Third Rail Radio08/16/09 20:54:47
08/30/09Third Rail Radio08/30/09 21:05:43
09/09/09A Young Person's Guide To Corruption09/09/09 01:58:54
09/13/09Third Rail Radio09/13/09 21:08:37
09/16/09A Young Person's Guide To Corruption09/16/09 01:59:59
09/16/09Solar Fever!09/16/09 12:13:27
09/20/09Third Rail Radio09/20/09 21:02:04
09/23/09A Young Person's Guide To Corruption09/23/09 01:50:45
09/27/09Third Rail Radio09/27/09 21:09:45
09/30/09A Young Person's Guide To Corruption09/30/09 01:59:56
10/04/09Third Rail Radio10/04/09 20:59:16
10/07/09A Young Person's Guide To Corruption10/07/09 01:59:49
10/11/09Third Rail Radio10/11/09 21:05:04
10/14/09A Young Person's Guide To Corruption10/14/09 01:50:07
10/18/09Third Rail Radio10/18/09 21:00:12
10/21/09A Young Person's Guide To Corruption10/21/09 01:55:51
10/25/09Third Rail Radio11/04/09 00:12:12
10/28/09A Young Person's Guide To Corruption10/28/09 01:01:56
11/11/09A Young Person's Guide To Corruption11/11/09 01:57:08
11/25/09A Young Person's Guide To Corruption11/25/09 01:52:50
11/29/09Third Rail Radio11/29/09 18:03:42
12/02/09A Young Person's Guide To Corruption12/02/09 14:58:56
12/13/09Third Rail Radio12/13/09 20:47:51
12/09/09A Young Person's Guide To Corruption12/09/09 01:57:02
12/20/09Third Rail Radio12/20/09 20:57:05
01/03/10Third Rail Radio01/03/10 20:59:37
01/24/10Third Rail Radio01/24/10 20:31:48
01/27/10A Young Person's Guide To Corruption01/27/10 01:52:34
02/03/10A Young Person's Guide To Corruption02/03/10 01:40:41
02/16/10rudie-patootie02/16/10 21:59:19
02/16/10The Hip-Hop Corner02/17/10 00:02:44
02/17/10A Young Person's Guide To Corruption02/17/10 02:00:05
03/03/10A Young Person's Guide To Corruption03/03/10 01:45:11
03/10/10A Young Person's Guide To Corruption03/10/10 02:14:50
03/24/10A Young Person's Guide To Corruption03/24/10 00:42:42
03/31/10A Young Person's Guide To Corruption03/31/10 01:59:53
04/07/10A Young Person's Guide To Corruption04/07/10 02:02:10
04/28/10A Young Person's Guide To Corruption04/28/10 22:17:32
05/05/10A Young Person's Guide To Corruption05/05/10 01:55:07
06/06/10Third Rail Radio06/06/10 20:56:08
06/27/10Third Rail Radio06/28/10 09:07:05
08/01/10Third Rail Radio08/01/10 20:51:34
08/08/10Third Rail Radio08/08/10 21:05:03
08/22/10Third Rail Radio08/22/10 21:00:24
08/29/10T.A.S.K. Productions Presents...FlyBoyRadio08/29/10 18:36:00
09/01/10Youth Orientation09/01/10 17:56:42
09/08/10Youth Orientation09/08/10 17:57:54
09/15/10Youth Orientation09/15/10 18:02:06
09/22/10Youth Orientation09/22/10 18:06:24
09/29/10Youth Orientation09/29/10 17:58:15
10/06/10Youth Orientation10/06/10 18:06:36
10/13/10Youth Orientation10/13/10 18:01:15
10/20/10Youth Orientation10/20/10 18:00:01
10/27/10Youth Orientation10/27/10 18:00:38
11/03/10Youth Orientation11/03/10 17:55:04
11/10/10Youth Orientation11/10/10 17:57:24
11/17/10Youth Orientation11/17/10 17:51:07
11/24/10Youth Orientation11/24/10 18:00:07
12/01/10Youth Orientation12/01/10 17:58:23
12/12/10Third Rail Radio12/12/10 20:21:52
12/15/10Youth Orientation12/15/10 17:53:56
04/23/11The New Indie Canon04/23/11 12:22:45
04/26/11El Gaucho de Radio 04/26/11 14:07:06
04/26/11The Noise Brigade04/26/11 15:59:19
09/18/11Third Rail Radio09/18/11 20:35:03
11/22/11Acrylic Afternoons11/22/11 13:55:09
02/08/12Beauty Suffers02/09/12 17:39:19
02/15/12Beauty Suffers02/15/12 18:02:20
02/22/12Beauty Suffers03/25/12 19:50:19
02/26/12Third Rail Radio02/28/12 01:43:04
02/29/12Beauty Suffers02/29/12 18:01:26
03/04/12Third Rail Radio03/04/12 20:39:21
03/07/12Beauty Suffers03/08/12 02:51:35
03/11/12Third Rail Radio03/11/12 21:02:28
03/14/12Beauty Suffers03/14/12 18:14:55
03/18/12Third Rail Radio03/18/12 21:01:07
03/28/12Beauty Suffers03/28/12 22:30:45
04/04/12Beauty Suffers04/04/12 17:56:47
04/08/12Third Rail Radio04/08/12 20:48:04
04/11/12Beauty Suffers04/11/12 17:58:58
04/18/12Beauty Suffers04/18/12 17:17:51
04/22/12Third Rail Radio04/22/12 20:29:31
04/25/12Beauty Suffers04/25/12 17:46:55
04/29/12Third Rail Radio04/29/12 20:36:56
05/02/12Beauty Suffers05/02/12 17:57:44
05/06/12Third Rail Radio05/06/12 21:23:31
05/13/12Third Rail Radio05/13/12 20:43:45
05/16/12Beauty Suffers05/16/12 17:22:17
07/29/15odds & evens07/30/15 15:52:20