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Colin Frattura

AIM: cfrat927
Favorite Bands: Radiohead, Minus The Bear, Muse, The Sword, High On Fire, Queens Of The Stone Age, My Morning Jacket, Bloc Party, The Fall Of Troy, Mastodon, Metallica, Kings Of Leon, and more.
Favorite Quotes: "I'm sick of following my dreams, man. I'm just gonna ask where they're going and catch up with them later." -- Mitch Hedberg
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Third Rail Radio
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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
10/03/08Unscheduled Show10/03/08 13:48:57
01/30/09Listen Up!02/01/09 11:28:22
02/06/09Listen Up!02/06/09 20:08:08
02/13/09Listen Up!02/13/09 19:55:59
02/20/09Listen Up!02/20/09 19:57:22
02/27/09Listen Up!02/27/09 19:55:45
03/06/09Listen Up!03/06/09 20:05:11
03/27/09Listen Up!03/27/09 19:59:35
04/03/09Listen Up!04/03/09 18:37:52
04/17/09Listen Up!04/17/09 20:05:22
04/24/09Listen Up!04/24/09 19:58:25
05/01/09Listen Up!05/01/09 19:56:19
05/08/09Listen Up!05/08/09 19:57:14
05/15/09Listen Up!05/15/09 19:55:42
09/11/09Listen Up!09/11/09 18:05:37
09/18/09Listen Up!09/18/09 17:59:23
09/25/09Listen Up!09/25/09 18:00:00
10/02/09Listen Up!10/02/09 18:04:41
10/09/09Listen Up!10/09/09 18:01:22
10/16/09Listen Up!10/16/09 18:08:13
10/23/09Listen Up!10/23/09 17:53:12
10/30/09Listen Up!10/30/09 17:57:42
11/13/09Listen Up!11/13/09 17:54:30
11/20/09Listen Up!11/20/09 17:56:30
12/04/09Listen Up!12/04/09 17:54:54
12/11/09Listen Up!12/11/09 17:54:42