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Adam Danoff

E-Mail: map [at] map [dot] edu
AIM: got saction
Favorite Bands: Hefner, The Cat's Miaow, The Wedding Present, Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern, Shrag, Hello Saferide, Allo Darlin', Another Sunny Day, Betty and the Werewolves, Standard Fare, Talulah Gosh, Paul Baribeau, Sourpatch, Tender Trap, The Just Joans, Eux Autres, Heavenly, The Siddeleys, Billy Bragg, Tuscadero, Po!, Sweater Girls, Aberdeen, Ballboy, Dear Nora, Blast Off Country Style, Cub, Rose Melberg, Art Brut, Bubblegum Splash, The Pooh Sticks, Pulp, The Orchids, Leaving Mornington Crescent, Fireflies, Milky Wimpshake.
Favorite Quotes: History will absolve me
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Songs to Pass the Time
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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
02/15/09Treacherous Popsicle02/13/09 12:22:36
02/22/09Treacherous Popsicle03/02/09 20:01:53
03/08/09Treacherous Popsicle03/08/09 04:58:20
03/15/09DubFWD - Dubstep Radio03/15/09 01:45:23
03/15/09Treacherous Popsicle03/15/09 02:55:14
03/22/09DubFWD - Dubstep Radio03/22/09 01:57:57
03/22/09Treacherous Popsicle03/22/09 03:14:54
03/29/09Treacherous Popsicle03/29/09 03:47:37
04/05/09Treacherous Popsicle04/05/09 02:18:01
04/12/09Treacherous Popsicle04/12/09 03:02:34
04/26/09Treacherous Popsicle04/26/09 02:07:59
05/03/09Treacherous Popsicle05/03/09 02:37:19
05/17/09Treacherous Popsicle05/17/09 03:33:05
06/26/09The Beat Frequency06/26/09 20:29:34
07/13/09Alternative Summer Vacation07/18/09 23:42:10
07/19/09Third Rail Radio07/19/09 18:16:47
09/06/09United Dirt 09/07/09 11:57:58
09/26/09United Dirt 09/28/09 15:58:22
10/17/09United Dirt 10/21/09 16:16:41
11/18/09Weaselmusic: An Hour of Music for Horse Girls11/18/09 17:40:34
11/21/09United Dirt 11/21/09 10:01:09
11/28/09United Dirt 11/28/09 09:51:38
12/05/09United Dirt 12/05/09 09:27:34
01/26/10FLY GIRL RADIO01/26/10 12:00:27
02/16/10FLY GIRL RADIO02/16/10 11:58:03
02/23/10FLY GIRL RADIO02/23/10 12:01:35
03/15/10Caffeinated Headphones03/15/10 01:14:42
03/19/10The Beat Frequency03/19/10 14:41:06
03/20/10Hallelujah! Halllelujah!03/20/10 00:23:43
03/23/10FLY GIRL RADIO03/28/10 13:47:41
03/30/10FLY GIRL RADIO03/30/10 22:27:48
04/06/10FLY GIRL RADIO04/06/10 11:58:42
04/13/10FLY GIRL RADIO04/13/10 12:03:53
04/27/10FLY GIRL RADIO04/27/10 12:01:37
05/11/10FLY GIRL RADIO05/11/10 12:02:55
05/28/10Dynomite05/29/10 00:04:02
09/11/10Let’s Go Swimming09/11/10 15:59:26
01/26/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio01/27/11 02:42:35
02/02/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio02/02/11 15:55:46
02/09/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio02/09/11 15:58:14
02/16/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio02/16/11 15:54:57
02/23/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio02/23/11 15:47:41
03/02/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio03/02/11 16:04:10
03/09/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio03/09/11 15:55:16
02/02/11the gnarwhale appreciation hour 03/16/11 16:00:15
03/23/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio03/23/11 15:26:33
03/30/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio03/30/11 14:30:24
04/06/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio04/06/11 15:54:30
04/13/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio04/13/11 14:41:39
05/04/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio05/04/11 15:42:06
05/11/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio05/11/11 16:01:16
05/18/11Let's Make Some Plans: True Pop Radio05/18/11 15:50:52
06/13/11Michele Bachmann's Road Soda Happy Funtime Hour 06/13/11 19:57:21
07/11/11Michele Bachmann's Road Soda Happy Funtime Hour 07/11/11 19:26:35
07/25/11Michele Bachmann's Road Soda Happy Funtime Hour 07/25/11 19:56:47
08/08/11Michele Bachmann's Road Soda Happy Funtime Hour 08/08/11 19:51:34
12/09/11Negative Space12/09/11 20:19:35
03/08/12Five on Five03/08/12 18:00:10
04/12/12Five on Five04/12/12 17:57:21
05/03/12Five on Five05/03/12 17:52:10
05/10/12Five on Five05/10/12 18:00:32
10/04/13The Forgotten Future10/04/13 19:04:53