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Dj Eyecue

E-Mail: amabile [dot] n [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: TurntableTaliban
Favorite Books: Anything Hemingway, On the Road, other classic 20th century American fiction.
Favorite Bands: A Tribe Called Quest, The J.B's, Gangstarr, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, The Charmels, Isaac Hayes, Willie Hutch, The Blackbyrds, David Axelrod, People Under the Stairs, J Dilla, The Heatmakerz
Favorite Quotes: I'm wearin tims with a .22 at my waist, apple juice is cold, and im in the place.
Favorite Other WMUC Show: RETURN 2 DA PIT
Other Info:
My government name: Nick. I collect funky old records and original breaks and samples and early hip hop 12"s, all original pressings. Every week I share the newest and best selections from my crates on my show the Apple Juice Break. I'm the archaeologist, diggin' up old 45s and LPs from obscurity. So, if you're a fan of golden era hip hop or just like hearing music you can't get even get on DC++ or iTunes, check us out Wednesdays from 10-12pm. It must be the juice.

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
01/30/06The Apple Juice Break02/02/06 20:37:31
02/06/06The Apple Juice Break02/07/06 00:00:11
02/13/06The Apple Juice Break02/14/06 00:11:02
04/03/06The Apple Juice Break04/03/06 22:23:58
02/20/06The Apple Juice Break02/21/06 00:02:26
02/27/06The Apple Juice Break02/28/06 00:25:16
03/06/06The Apple Juice Break03/07/06 00:07:42
03/13/06The Apple Juice Break03/13/06 23:59:34
03/27/06The Apple Juice Break03/28/06 00:03:33
04/10/06The Apple Juice Break04/17/06 21:16:42
04/17/06The Apple Juice Break04/18/06 00:01:24
04/24/06The Apple Juice Break04/24/06 23:59:01
05/01/06The Apple Juice Break05/02/06 00:10:10
05/08/06The Apple Juice Break05/09/06 00:10:36
05/15/06The Apple Juice Break05/15/06 23:56:24
06/21/06The Apple Juice Break06/21/06 23:42:11
06/28/06The Apple Juice Break06/28/06 23:56:18
07/05/06The Apple Juice Break07/05/06 23:59:10
07/12/06The Apple Juice Break07/13/06 00:20:48
07/19/06The Apple Juice Break07/19/06 23:56:45
07/26/06Super Ninja Monkey Robot Dinosaur Rocket Launcher Fight Hour 07/26/06 22:04:31
07/26/06The Apple Juice Break07/26/06 23:59:33
08/02/06The Apple Juice Break08/02/06 23:58:28
08/16/06The Apple Juice Break08/17/06 00:11:59
08/23/06The Apple Juice Break08/23/06 22:36:55
09/02/06The Apple Juice Break09/02/06 01:52:52
09/09/06The Apple Juice Break09/09/06 02:01:49
09/16/06The Apple Juice Break09/16/06 00:15:12
09/30/06The Apple Juice Break09/30/06 01:53:38
10/07/06The Apple Juice Break10/07/06 01:48:17
10/21/06The Apple Juice Break10/21/06 01:56:56
11/04/06The Apple Juice Break11/04/06 00:06:10
11/11/06The Apple Juice Break11/11/06 01:54:04
11/18/06The Apple Juice Break11/18/06 02:06:48
12/02/06The Apple Juice Break12/02/06 01:57:51
12/09/06The Apple Juice Break12/09/06 02:05:21
12/16/06The Apple Juice Break12/16/06 01:25:30
01/20/07The Apple Juice Break01/20/07 01:10:41
01/25/07The Apple Juice Break01/25/07 02:09:36
02/01/07The Apple Juice Break02/01/07 01:59:45
02/08/07The Apple Juice Break02/08/07 02:02:22
02/15/07The Apple Juice Break02/15/07 00:50:06
02/22/07The Apple Juice Break02/22/07 00:56:53
03/08/07The Apple Juice Break03/08/07 00:18:56
03/15/07Unscheduled Show03/15/07 23:19:05
04/05/07The Apple Juice Break04/05/07 00:56:33
04/19/07The Apple Juice Break04/19/07 01:50:26
04/26/07The Apple Juice Break04/26/07 01:53:44
05/17/07The Apple Juice Break05/17/07 01:20:12