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Alex Baca

E-Mail: lxdlnbc [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: eatsuburbia
Favorite Bands: Animal Collective, Brand New, the Cure, Dinosaur Jr, the Feelies, Hüsker Dü, Jawbreaker, the Promise Ring, Sloan, Telefon Tel Aviv, Yo La Tengo.
Favorite Other WMUC Show: My Best Friend's Radio Show
Other Info:
Beer, pizza, whiskey, cardigans, iPhones, the Sunny Day Real Estate reunion tour, tacos, cats, short stories, closed punctuation, bikes, English majors, and the Chicago Style Manual.

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
06/12/09Slightly Salted06/12/09 01:56:54
06/19/09Slightly Salted06/19/09 02:00:16
07/03/09Slightly Salted07/03/09 01:53:59
07/17/09Slightly Salted07/17/09 01:56:46
07/24/09Slightly Salted07/24/09 01:55:47
07/31/09Slightly Salted07/31/09 01:56:33
08/14/09Slightly Salted08/14/09 01:57:25
09/11/09Heaven Hill09/11/09 15:57:54
09/18/09Heaven Hill09/18/09 16:52:22
09/25/09Heaven Hill09/25/09 15:54:46
10/02/09Heaven Hill10/02/09 15:59:36
10/09/09Heaven Hill10/09/09 15:59:53
10/16/09Heaven Hill10/16/09 15:53:31
10/23/09Heaven Hill10/23/09 15:58:08
10/30/09Heaven Hill10/30/09 15:56:51
11/06/09Heaven Hill11/06/09 15:51:21
11/13/09Heaven Hill11/13/09 15:55:54
11/20/09Heaven Hill11/20/09 15:57:28
12/04/09Heaven Hill12/04/09 15:57:03
12/11/09Heaven Hill12/11/09 15:56:52
01/29/10Heaven Hill01/29/10 12:06:30
02/19/10Heaven Hill02/19/10 12:03:49
02/26/10Heaven Hill02/26/10 11:29:03
03/05/10Heaven Hill03/05/10 12:18:13
03/12/10Heaven Hill03/12/10 12:17:12
04/02/10Heaven Hill04/02/10 12:21:47
04/09/10Heaven Hill04/09/10 11:50:49
04/16/10Heaven Hill04/16/10 11:59:39
04/23/10Heaven Hill04/23/10 11:57:57
04/30/10Heaven Hill04/30/10 11:57:48