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Kevin Palomino

E-Mail: kpalomino85 [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: Amy Foster, Hunger, In the Penal Colony, Notes from Underground, Our Band Could Be Your Life, Perfect Day for Bananafish
Favorite Bands: The Beatles, Ceremony, Cocteau Twins, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Leonard Cohen, M83, My Bloody Valentine, Los Saicos, The Shangri-Las, Swans, Wipers, etc...
Favorite Quotes: "Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second." -Jean-Luc Godard
Favorite Other WMUC Show: audiofawn
Other Info:
I dig Inca Cola

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
06/28/09El Gaucho de Radio06/28/09 04:02:59
07/05/09El Gaucho de Radio07/05/09 03:58:07
07/12/09El Gaucho de Radio07/12/09 03:57:17
07/19/09El Gaucho de Radio07/19/09 04:46:27
08/09/09El Gaucho de Radio08/09/09 14:19:44
08/16/09El Gaucho de Radio08/30/09 00:25:01
08/23/09El Gaucho de Radio08/23/09 12:02:09
08/30/09El Gaucho de Radio08/30/09 02:01:54
09/05/09El Gaucho de Radio09/05/09 02:02:48
09/12/09El Gaucho de Radio09/12/09 11:36:40
09/19/09El Gaucho de Radio09/19/09 02:07:14
09/26/09El Gaucho de Radio09/26/09 02:04:06
10/03/09El Gaucho de Radio10/03/09 02:00:11
10/17/09El Gaucho de Radio10/17/09 19:29:31
10/24/09El Gaucho de Radio10/24/09 02:50:44
11/07/09El Gaucho de Radio11/26/09 15:18:08
11/21/09El Gaucho de Radio11/21/09 01:52:26
12/05/09El Gaucho de Radio12/05/09 01:54:11
12/12/09El Gaucho de Radio12/12/09 01:57:26
02/01/10El Gaucho de Radio02/01/10 17:58:24
02/15/10El Gaucho de Radio02/15/10 18:01:21
02/22/10El Gaucho de Radio02/22/10 17:56:53
03/01/10El Gaucho de Radio03/01/10 18:01:19
03/08/10El Gaucho de Radio03/08/10 17:52:05
03/22/10El Gaucho de Radio03/22/10 17:45:23
03/29/10El Gaucho de Radio03/29/10 17:59:20
04/19/10El Gaucho de Radio04/19/10 17:46:08
04/26/10El Gaucho de Radio04/26/10 18:00:14
01/25/11El Gaucho de Radio 01/25/11 13:55:55
02/01/11El Gaucho de Radio 02/01/11 13:55:47
02/08/11El Gaucho de Radio 02/08/11 13:51:02
03/01/11El Gaucho de Radio 03/01/11 14:02:01
03/08/11El Gaucho de Radio 03/08/11 13:55:45
03/29/11El Gaucho de Radio 03/29/11 13:48:15
04/19/11El Gaucho de Radio 04/19/11 14:00:42
05/03/11El Gaucho de Radio 05/03/11 13:53:33
05/10/11El Gaucho de Radio 05/10/11 13:57:01