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Simone Shuffett

E-Mail: na [at] email [dot] com
Favorite Books: A Hedonist in the Cellar; An Underground Education; Fahrenheit 451; Brave New World; Love in the Time of Cholera; Tao Te Ching
Favorite Bands: No Doubt, The Shins, Imogen Heap, Coheed and Cambria, Billie Holiday, Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Exit Clov, Vasudeva, ily AIMY, The Sketches, Incwell and the Free Word, Bellflur, Voodoo Pharmacology
Favorite Quotes: "No two people on earth are alike, and it's got to be that way in music or it isn't music." Billie Holiday
Favorite Other WMUC Show: FLY GIRL RADIO

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09/05/09Cat Simone Show10/03/09 14:00:33
10/10/09Cat Simone Show10/10/09 14:02:41
10/17/09Cat Simone Show10/17/09 13:59:31
10/31/09Cat Simone Show10/31/09 13:56:10
11/14/09Cat Simone Show11/14/09 14:01:23
11/28/09Cat Simone Show11/28/09 13:54:14
01/29/10Distinctive District Variety Time01/29/10 20:03:47
04/16/10Distinctive District Variety Time04/16/10 20:02:12
02/26/10Distinctive District Variety Time02/26/10 19:58:50
03/26/10Distinctive District Variety Time03/26/10 19:57:52
04/09/10Distinctive District Variety Time04/09/10 19:53:46
04/23/10Distinctive District Variety Time04/23/10 20:00:21
04/30/10Distinctive District Variety Time04/30/10 20:05:02
06/03/10Distinctive District Variety Time06/03/10 17:48:16
06/24/10Distinctive District Variety Time06/24/10 17:54:27
09/17/10Distinctive District Variety Time09/17/10 18:07:32
10/08/10Distinctive District Variety Time10/08/10 17:57:22
10/29/10Distinctive District Variety Time10/29/10 18:01:01
11/12/10Distinctive District Variety Time11/12/10 17:49:21
12/03/10Distinctive District Variety Time12/03/10 18:00:35
12/10/10Distinctive District Variety Time12/10/10 17:44:55
12/17/10Distinctive District Variety Time12/17/10 17:54:54