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Allie Tunis

E-Mail: agtunis [at] aol [dot] com
Favorite Bands: Any band that has come out of Manchester or makes me wish I grew up in the 80's
Favorite Other WMUC Show: In The Limelight

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10/17/09One Size Fits All10/17/09 15:56:25
10/25/09Let's Go Swimming10/25/09 14:17:21
04/10/10One Size Fits All05/16/10 19:05:18
03/27/10One Size Fits All03/27/10 15:56:18
04/03/10One Size Fits All04/03/10 16:05:18
05/10/10El Gaucho de Radio05/10/10 18:00:13
05/15/10Musical Addiction05/15/10 16:55:22