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Ryan Largent

E-Mail: Ryan [at] wmucradio [dot] com
Favorite Books: The Bro Code, Jurassic Park, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Slaughterhouse-Five, Watchmen
Favorite Bands: David Bowie, The Beatles, Weezer, Nirvana, Beck, Oingo Boingo, Talking Heads, Beastie Boys, The Ramones
Favorite Quotes: "If you can think of it, it exists somewhere." - David Byrne
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Songs to Pass the Time

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
09/25/09Modern Music for Modern Reptiles09/25/09 23:58:15
10/02/09Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/02/09 23:41:24
10/09/09Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/10/09 00:07:05
10/10/09More Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/10/09 00:09:14
10/16/09Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/16/09 23:36:56
10/17/09More Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/17/09 00:05:59
10/23/09Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/23/09 23:55:49
10/24/09More Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/24/09 00:29:52
10/30/09Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/30/09 23:34:03
11/20/09Modern Music for Modern Reptiles11/21/09 00:01:28
11/21/09More Modern Music for Modern Reptiles11/21/09 00:05:05
12/13/09Calling Planet Earth12/13/09 21:56:00
12/08/09Sass & Class12/08/09 15:07:17
01/01/10Modern Music for Modern Reptiles01/01/10 21:50:08
01/22/10Modern Music for Modern Reptiles01/22/10 21:43:58
01/30/10Let’s Go Swimming01/30/10 14:41:58
02/04/10The Iron Tortoise02/04/10 23:36:06
05/09/10Wall of Sound05/09/10 21:49:40
08/16/10Metal Earth08/16/10 13:28:42
09/12/10Sound & Vision09/12/10 21:58:01
09/19/10Sound & Vision09/19/10 22:00:35
10/03/10Sound & Vision10/03/10 21:50:55
10/10/10Sound & Vision10/10/10 21:58:16
11/14/10Sound & Vision11/14/10 21:51:36
11/21/10Sound & Vision11/21/10 21:51:42
12/05/10Sound & Vision12/05/10 21:56:42
12/12/10Sound & Vision12/12/10 21:53:53
01/11/11Sound & Vision01/11/11 22:54:07
01/12/11Modern Kicks01/12/11 18:33:34
01/18/11Sound & Vision01/18/11 23:00:47
01/26/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles01/26/11 11:52:29
02/02/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles02/02/11 11:55:13
02/09/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles02/09/11 12:04:27
02/16/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles02/16/11 12:02:02
02/23/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles02/23/11 12:03:12
03/07/11The Mysterious Maux Show03/07/11 12:36:20
03/16/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles03/16/11 11:56:32
04/20/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles04/20/11 11:52:33
04/22/11In The Limelight04/22/11 13:20:34
05/04/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles05/04/11 12:02:14
09/04/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles09/04/11 11:53:15
09/18/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/02/11 10:56:13
10/02/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/02/11 11:46:53
10/16/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/16/11 12:00:14
10/23/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/23/11 11:53:12
11/06/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles11/06/11 11:54:18
11/13/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles11/13/11 11:54:37
11/27/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles11/27/11 11:41:54
12/04/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles12/04/11 11:53:21
12/18/11Modern Music for Modern Reptiles12/18/11 11:57:51
01/31/12Modern Music For Modern Reptiles01/31/12 15:54:49
02/07/12Modern Music For Modern Reptiles02/07/12 15:58:59
02/14/12Modern Music For Modern Reptiles02/14/12 15:57:05
02/16/12Five on Five02/16/12 18:02:01
02/21/12Modern Music For Modern Reptiles02/21/12 15:53:58
03/06/12Modern Music For Modern Reptiles03/06/12 15:58:02
03/06/12La Hora Salsera03/06/12 16:52:39
03/13/12Modern Music For Modern Reptiles03/13/12 15:35:45
03/27/12Modern Music For Modern Reptiles03/27/12 15:53:06
04/03/12Modern Music For Modern Reptiles04/03/12 15:51:12
04/10/12Modern Music For Modern Reptiles04/10/12 15:55:28
04/24/12Modern Music For Modern Reptiles04/24/12 15:58:14
05/01/12Modern Music For Modern Reptiles05/01/12 15:54:15
05/08/12Modern Music For Modern Reptiles05/08/12 15:12:16
09/06/12Modern Music for Modern Reptiles09/06/12 18:58:02
09/13/12Modern Music for Modern Reptiles09/29/12 09:02:51
09/27/12Modern Music for Modern Reptiles09/29/12 09:00:56
10/04/12Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/04/12 18:37:49
10/11/12Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/11/12 18:57:01
10/18/12Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/18/12 18:19:54
10/25/12Modern Music for Modern Reptiles10/25/12 18:31:16
11/15/12Modern Music for Modern Reptiles11/15/12 18:55:49
11/22/12Modern Music for Modern Reptiles11/22/12 19:08:40
01/31/13Modern Music for Modern Reptiles01/31/13 17:54:42
02/07/13Modern Music for Modern Reptiles02/07/13 17:57:09
02/28/13Modern Music for Modern Reptiles02/28/13 17:57:54
04/04/13Modern Music for Modern Reptiles04/04/13 18:02:56
04/11/13Modern Music for Modern Reptiles04/11/13 17:57:01
04/18/13Modern Music for Modern Reptiles04/18/13 18:00:15
04/25/13Modern Music for Modern Reptiles04/25/13 17:58:19
05/09/13Modern Music for Modern Reptiles05/09/13 17:56:24
05/09/13Bear Market05/09/13 19:49:08
05/09/13UMDSI05/09/13 20:41:08
09/11/13Modern Music For Modern Reptiles09/11/13 15:48:15
09/18/13Modern Music For Modern Reptiles09/18/13 15:57:12
09/25/13Modern Music For Modern Reptiles09/25/13 15:57:05
10/09/13Modern Music For Modern Reptiles10/09/13 15:54:09
10/16/13Modern Music For Modern Reptiles10/16/13 15:57:13
10/23/13Modern Music For Modern Reptiles10/23/13 15:51:46
10/30/13A Little Bit of Everything10/30/13 13:31:44
10/30/13Modern Music For Modern Reptiles10/30/13 15:56:10
11/06/13Modern Music For Modern Reptiles11/06/13 15:50:47
11/20/13Modern Music For Modern Reptiles11/20/13 15:56:44
12/04/13Modern Music For Modern Reptiles12/04/13 15:48:19
02/09/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles02/09/14 10:57:40
02/23/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles02/23/14 10:57:59
03/02/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles03/02/14 11:07:04
03/09/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles03/09/14 10:57:24
03/30/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles03/30/14 11:30:11
04/13/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles04/13/14 11:58:05
04/20/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles04/21/14 00:34:15
05/04/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles05/04/14 11:54:33
05/18/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles05/18/14 12:01:00
06/01/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles06/01/14 11:56:31
06/22/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles06/22/14 12:02:40
06/29/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles06/29/14 23:42:09
07/06/14Modern Music for Modern Reptiles07/06/14 12:06:28