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Ricardo Pizarro

E-Mail: ricardopi [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: garygameshow
Favorite Books: Siddartha, Communist Manifesto, Revolutionary Rehearsals
Favorite Bands: Manu Chao, Yerba Buena, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Bersuit, Molotov, Buena Vista Social Club, Cafe Tacuba, Los Amigos Invisible, Ozomatli, Lyrics Born, MF Doom, Seu Jorge, Chico Buarque, Carlinhos Brown, Ivete Sangalo...
Favorite Quotes: What's the difference between a ho and a bitch? A ho will f*ck everybody, a bitch will f*ck everybody but YOU
Favorite Other WMUC Show: The Apple Juice Break
Other Info:
I have a good start on some music but I am always willing to learn more FOR SURE

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01/30/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME02/02/06 20:34:19
02/06/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME02/06/06 22:01:12
02/20/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME02/20/06 22:01:26
02/13/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME02/13/06 22:00:14
02/27/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME02/27/06 21:59:46
05/01/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME05/01/06 21:55:26
03/06/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME03/06/06 22:02:40
03/13/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME03/13/06 22:01:58
03/20/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME03/20/06 22:10:30
03/27/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME03/27/06 21:58:44
04/17/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME04/17/06 21:58:01
04/24/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME04/24/06 22:00:26
05/15/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME05/15/06 22:02:26
06/06/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMER06/06/06 22:14:08
06/13/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMER06/13/06 22:02:01
06/20/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMER06/20/06 22:02:29
06/27/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMER06/27/06 21:59:07
07/11/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMER07/11/06 21:34:06
07/25/06FUSION CONFUSION in the SUMMER07/25/06 21:55:47