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Sweet Sweetbeast

E-Mail: platypussyrecords [at] hotmail [dot] com
Favorite Bands: exotica, tropicalia, drones, bombast, doowop harmonic sensibilities, classic bollywood, field recordings, spirituals, slow jams, spastic breakbeats, ballistic noise, warm synths, ethiopian jazz, american soul, west african funk, french 60s pop, Sun Ra
Favorite Other WMUC Show: (n)flux

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
10/04/09Calling Planet Earth10/04/09 21:54:11
10/11/09Calling Planet Earth10/11/09 21:56:50
10/18/09Calling Planet Earth10/18/09 11:09:46
10/25/09Calling Planet Earth10/25/09 10:22:13
11/08/09Calling Planet Earth11/08/09 15:04:51
11/22/09Calling Planet Earth11/22/09 21:33:01
03/05/10FM Sedatives03/05/10 15:12:17
04/29/10Danger and Dissonance04/30/10 10:59:46
04/21/10Coffee and Coke04/30/10 11:00:48
04/22/10My Organic Music04/30/10 11:03:12
04/30/10Victory Sweater04/30/10 11:03:38
04/29/10My Organic Music04/30/10 11:04:52
05/13/10Beach Violence05/13/10 17:17:13
05/24/10Metal Earth05/23/10 14:25:34
05/26/10Calling Planet Earth05/26/10 11:38:18
06/02/10Calling Planet Earth06/02/10 16:11:46