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Fidel "DJ Salsero" González

E-Mail: guayaco [dot] salsero [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Bands: EL Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Víctor Manuelle, Tito Nieves, Tito Rojas, Raphy Leavitt y La Selecta, Rubén Blades, Willie Colón, Hétor LaVoe, Willie Rosario, Cano Estremera, Marvin Santiago, Andy Montañez, Oscar DeLeón, Adalberto Santiago, Johnny Pacheco, Héctor Casanova, Héctor Tricoche, Pete 'El Conde' Rodríguez, Mr. Pete Rodríguez, Johnny Rivera, Johnny Colón, Celia Cruz, Chivirico Davila, La Sonora Matancera.
Favorite Quotes: He who doesn't jump in the water will never learn how to swim; Every Cloud has a silver lining; Watched Pot Never Boils; That which will not kill you... Will make you stronger; If you lie down with dogs you'll get up with fleas.
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Flawless Cowboy Radio

Recent Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
09/06/22La Hora Salsera09/06/22 16:20:20
09/06/22Unscheduled Show09/06/22 17:52:21

Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
02/16/10La Hora Salsera02/20/10 18:06:18
02/23/10La Hora Salsera02/27/10 01:57:06
03/02/10La Hora Salsera03/13/10 09:14:31
03/09/10La Hora Salsera03/13/10 10:59:23
03/16/10La Hora Salsera03/18/10 20:37:23
03/23/10La Hora Salsera04/01/10 22:58:16
03/30/10La Hora Salsera04/02/10 18:22:30
04/06/10La Hora Salsera04/28/10 20:41:14
04/13/10La Hora Salsera04/28/10 21:06:13
04/20/10La Hora Salsera04/28/10 21:25:50
04/27/10La Hora Salsera04/28/10 21:49:55
05/04/10La Hora Salsera05/10/10 17:55:03
05/25/10La Hora Salsera06/06/10 17:31:55
06/01/10La Hora Salsera07/10/10 03:07:58
06/08/10La Hora Salsera07/10/10 03:41:40
07/06/10La Hora Salsera08/05/10 06:47:53
06/15/10La Hora Salsera07/21/10 06:51:55
06/22/10La Hora Salsera07/29/10 20:51:15
06/29/10La Hora Salsera07/29/10 21:53:59
07/13/10La Hora Salsera08/24/10 21:41:25
07/20/10La Hora Salsera08/25/10 21:51:37
08/31/10La Hora Salsera09/04/10 22:55:34
09/21/10Naansense09/21/10 21:58:45
10/06/10BearWaves10/06/10 09:57:26
01/04/11La Hora Salsera01/10/11 21:32:44
01/25/11La Hora Salsera02/19/11 12:46:54
02/01/11La Hora Salsera02/19/11 13:35:40
02/08/11La Hora Salsera03/09/11 23:44:06
03/15/11La Hora Salsera04/30/11 10:35:19
02/15/11La Hora Salsera03/12/11 16:10:57
03/08/11La Hora Salsera03/12/11 16:43:39
03/01/11La Hora Salsera03/16/11 15:34:30
03/22/11La Hora Salsera04/30/11 10:10:09
03/29/11La Hora Salsera04/30/11 11:24:01
04/12/11La Hora Salsera05/06/11 21:18:20
05/31/11La Hora Salsera06/23/11 18:21:40
06/14/11La Hora Salsera06/24/11 17:52:24
06/07/11La Hora Salsera06/24/11 18:25:08
06/21/11La Hora Salsera06/24/11 19:13:43
06/28/11La Hora Salsera08/11/11 20:52:19
07/05/11La Hora Salsera08/11/11 21:58:05
08/30/11La Hora Salsera09/21/11 17:47:50
09/06/11La Hora Salsera09/21/11 21:03:49
09/20/11La Hora Salsera10/06/11 05:57:53
09/27/11La Hora Salsera10/13/11 22:43:11
10/04/11La Hora Salsera10/16/11 23:07:11
10/11/11La Hora Salsera10/23/11 01:16:33
10/18/11La Hora Salsera10/23/11 10:12:14
10/25/11La Hora Salsera10/30/11 16:35:17
11/01/11La Hora Salsera11/03/11 02:26:52
09/13/11La Hora Salsera12/28/11 02:36:01
11/08/11La Hora Salsera12/28/11 03:12:17
01/10/12La Hora Salsera01/20/12 02:10:55
01/17/12La Hora Salsera01/24/12 11:13:32
01/24/12La Hora Salsera01/26/12 18:26:18
01/31/12La Hora Salsera02/04/12 15:07:21
02/07/12La Hora Salsera02/11/12 13:18:46
02/14/12La Hora Salsera02/23/12 21:58:55
09/03/13La Hora Salsera09/03/13 18:03:01
09/10/13La Hora Salsera09/10/13 21:21:50
09/17/13La Hora Salsera09/24/13 15:33:59
01/07/14La Hora Salsera01/08/14 15:28:44
01/31/14Not Another College Radio Show01/31/14 23:32:52
06/16/15La Hora Salsera06/30/15 22:00:21
05/26/15La Hora Salsera06/30/15 22:41:59
10/20/15La Hora Salsera10/27/15 14:09:35
08/28/18La Hora Salsera08/31/18 12:34:23
09/04/18La Hora Salsera09/17/18 15:31:48
09/25/18La Hora Salsera09/20/18 14:41:02
09/26/18Unscheduled Show09/26/18 12:57:47
08/31/21La Hora Salsera09/07/21 23:31:47
09/14/21La Hora Salsera09/12/21 22:09:13
09/14/21Unscheduled Show09/14/21 17:57:30
09/21/21La Hora Salsera09/21/21 17:57:51
09/28/21La Hora Salsera09/28/21 17:57:46
10/05/21La Hora Salsera10/05/21 17:58:44
10/12/21La Hora Salsera10/12/21 17:54:24
10/19/21La Hora Salsera10/19/21 18:01:25
10/26/21La Hora Salsera10/26/21 17:58:08
11/02/21La Hora Salsera11/02/21 18:03:43
11/09/21La Hora Salsera11/09/21 17:54:47
11/23/21La Hora Salsera11/23/21 18:03:11
11/30/21La Hora Salsera11/30/21 17:56:35
12/07/21La Hora Salsera12/08/21 21:29:57
12/14/21La Hora Salsera12/14/21 18:06:17
12/21/21La Hora Salsera12/21/21 17:57:44
12/28/21La Hora Salsera12/29/21 00:45:12
01/04/22La Hora Salsera01/04/22 17:54:54
01/11/22La Hora Salsera01/11/22 17:54:50
01/18/22La Hora Salsera01/18/22 17:57:13
01/25/22La Hora Salsera01/25/22 17:59:35
02/08/22La Hora Salsera02/08/22 17:57:25
02/15/22La Hora Salsera02/15/22 17:58:15
02/22/22La Hora Salsera02/22/22 17:56:07
03/01/22La Hora Salsera03/01/22 17:56:02
03/08/22La Hora Salsera03/08/22 17:56:21
03/15/22La Hora Salsera03/15/22 17:57:56
03/29/22La Hora Salsera03/29/22 16:53:10
04/19/22La Hora Salsera04/19/22 18:01:57
04/26/22La Hora Salsera04/26/22 17:43:48
05/03/22La Hora Salsera05/03/22 17:54:41
05/10/22La Hora Salsera05/10/22 17:54:38
05/24/22La Hora Salsera05/25/22 07:08:24
05/31/22La Hora Salsera05/31/22 17:56:10
08/02/22La Hora Salsera08/05/22 19:38:43
06/07/22La Hora Salsera06/23/22 23:26:35
06/14/22La Hora Salsera06/22/22 23:24:57
06/21/22La Hora Salsera06/22/22 22:21:30
06/28/22La Hora Salsera06/28/22 17:53:23
07/05/22La Hora Salsera07/05/22 17:50:27
07/12/22La Hora Salsera07/12/22 18:00:23
07/19/22La Hora Salsera07/19/22 17:52:22
07/26/22La Hora Salsera07/26/22 19:51:34
08/09/22La Hora Salsera08/09/22 17:51:10
08/16/22La Hora Salsera08/16/22 17:52:57
08/23/22La Hora Salsera08/23/22 17:58:08